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> See hosts like psycle and buzz are a great idea... there's just a few =
> problems that make them a no-option, like:
> The tracker interface. good for nerds. bad for muso's. fortunately i am =
> both so i could deal with it when i had no choice but in the 21st century =
> in a piano roll isnt such a big ask...

I Guess its how ya make your music.I'm not using psycle just because it's 
freeware,i use it because it's the best for how i wish to make sound.I began 
with fruityloops then onto reason then Buzz ( loved the modular design ) now 
I'm using psycle which also has the modular design.

I've tried all the latest software I've heard of, including most commercial 
stuff and I just simply prefer psycle.Mainly i think because I was educated as 
an electrician and the way I can connect instruments together, routing wires 
any way I choose kinda feels very unresticted and provided you have the right 
Vsti you can make the sound do anything your imagination and technological 
music knowledge can concieve.

I just find it the most fun to use and its getting better all the time and 
being updated very regulary.

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