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  • Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 19:28:16 -0000

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the feedback :)

> I'm liking almost everything about version 2 of dba! The only 
> things that don't work for me so far are the colour schemes 
> (grey is fairly boring, heh) and the mac classifications. I'm 
> using an emulated macintosh which can run things up to os8.1 
> and requiring a 68040/fpu etc - if possible, could you put 
> the specs in to the lists so its quick to see what will work 
> and what won't?
> thanks!
> Dan

Colour schemes : well, these things are a matter of personal i s'pose, i
like the grey *because* it sets the site into the background and the
content - the resources - to the front. Also, bear in mind that this is
the beta skin... the whole site is css based so you'll have a choice if
you register.

What do other folks think of the design/colours?

Mac classifications : i'm afraid there's not alot i can do about this, i
don't have a Mac (can you recommend the best software to set up an
emulation on a windows machine?). I have increased the Mac categories in
plugins from VST-MAC in version 1 to VST-MAC, VST-OSX, and AUDIOUNIT in
version 2 which, to be quite honest, seems to be all that the Mac plugin
developers show. And i don't really have time to test all the software
over multiple OSes if that info isn't supplied by the developer, sorry.

If you can suddest any solutions for this, i'm all ears...



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