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  • From: xk <xk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Databaseaudio <databaseaudio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 00:34:14 +0200

I am working right now on an audio editor and I think this is a great idea.
Unfortunatelly I cannot make it free. It will be about 25$, but I
think it will worth the money.

But I have another thing you might be interested in (free this time).
It is an Win32 console app which can extract from a FruityLoops track
(.flp) all the Piano Roll tracks and save each one in .mid format.

It is great to extract MIDI from a track. (FL is kind of problematic

Anyone interested? Maybe I could write a GUI for it.

> Yeah, i think this 'dream-ware' or 'want-list' thing is a nice idea for
> developers cto use as a guide to particular ideas that musicians want.
> In terms of the site, i'm not sure where it would fit in at the moment,
> it's sort of a bulletin board thread type of thing, really.

> I suggest that people use this mailing list to continue and develop the
> idea and if there is enough ideas/feedback then i'll consider taking it
> further and thinking about how to get it in the site. This is exactly
> the sort of discussion i had hoped for on this list anyway!!

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