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  • Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 22:26:18 -0000

Hello to you all, and thanks for joining the new databaseaudio mailing list.
Quite a few people have joined the list now, so i thought i'd kick things
off with a bit of an introductory type mail!!

Please feel free to chat about anything audio.

As a bit of a starter topic, i've been working on the next version of
databaseaudio and you can see a preliminary photoshop 'sketch' of what i'm
planning here (197k): (a mailing-list exclusive!)


This is by no means a finished product, particularly design wise, and one of
the reasons i wanted to start this mailing list was to get
discussion/feedback on how people who use the site, would like to see it

As a quick rundown, these are some of the new features i'm planning (as
shown in the pic) :

1. There is a totally new area of the site called the 'Directory', this is
exactly that, a links directory to other internet resources. It'll include
links and short descriptions of sites in categories such as (TBC) 'Sample
Sites', 'Mailing Lists', 'Other Resource Pages', 'Sound Art' etc...
2. User customisation. You will be able to register at databaseaudio, and
after you have done this and logged in, you can post user comments, and set
up your user settings for the site. These will include a site-wide operating
system filter (view only Linux, turn off Mac, etc. ) and choosing the number
of results returned per page etc. Also, you will have a favorites list. When
you add something to the list, when it is updated, you'll get an email.
3. New Update pages for each area, to keep you up to date with new versions
as they come out
4. Some Sponsorship/advertising slots (bandwidth is increasing!!)

Anyhow, that's a quick rundown of the new site features as they stand at the
moment. Please comment or let me know if there's any other features you'd
like to see,

Bye for now,


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