[dba] Re: Editor/Librarian for the Mac?

  • From: "Anthony Airon Oetzmann" <Anthony.Oetzmann@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: "databaseaudio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <databaseaudio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 22:19:07 +0200

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 08:38:29 +0100, Dan Cope wrote:

>Hi Heather,
>there is the Emagic Sound Driver but i'm not sure if it is for the mac, you
>could have a look on www.synthzone.com they have links to alsorts of useful
>downloads, and they are in easy to find catagories.

Small typo. It is Sound Diver. It's probably the best of its kind and can take
care of hundreds of MIDI instruments. Check it out at www.emagic.de ( or
www.emagic.com ).

It's not cheap, mind you. $100-$150. A demo should be available.


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