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  • Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 23:49:34 -0800 (PST)

 this is Marlon. Hey Tony!
I  would add  to the list offered by Johannes the visionary text "The Cyborg 
Manifesto" by Donna Haraway and her book "Primate Visions". I consider her 
texts very relevant  due to her background as a biologist and a science 
historian focusing we construct  and perform with "human" bodies. It is not 
directly a marxist text, sometimes called cyber-feminist. "Primate Visions"  
reminds us how science (primatology and evolutionary psychology) has helped to 
construct  "human nature"  and the ways in which they have been used  to 
justify power structures and  capitalist interests.  

Midnight rant from an Aging Dancer that don't want to be a Choreographer

The Political Body...trained body...
The interface is Political...
Who is your sponsor?
How old are your dancers?
Are they fat?
Do you do Pilates or Yoga? Just ballet?
can you afford your sensors?
See you in the festival...
Where is Bill Forsythe from?
yes, we are just simple projected geometries
is motion capture dead?
Her work has been so important for  me...we are going to co-labourate
Are you using Max or PD?
Which University do you work with?
Is she doing dance and technology in Africa? no, no, she is French...
Are drums interactive technology?
Do size really matters?
Is communication a social construction?
How many times did we write "emergence",  "locative"  or  "architecture" in a 
grant application for a dance performance...this year?
The unconscious is political...indeed
Is the army funding your research?
You got that grant because you are a minority...who cares!
In dance practices...the endorphins  help the "branding"
Do dance and technology create social change?  I mean the performances?
Interesting creatures  that dwell in private properties, creators and copyrights
We shop ...therefore we are...human?

Johannes Birringer <Johannes.Birringer@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: hello all

indeed, an unusual question, we've never had a Marxist debate on the 
means/relations of production on our dance tech lists.. 

(this has been an interesting autumn, though, so far)

as to further references for study, one of the dance critics that jumps to my 
mind is Randy Martin, who has written interestingly and provocatively on motion 
as a social force. See his essay "Dance and its Others [theory, state, nation & 
socalism]", in Andre Lepecki, ed., Of the Presence of the Body, Middletown: 
Wesleyan Univ. Press, 2004, pp. 47-63, and his earlier books, Critical Moves 
(1998) and Performance as Political Act (1990).

Thanks, Matt, for your reply, and for the critical response to "Sea Unsea".  If 
I get the time next week, I shall add some comments on "3 Atmospheric Studies"  
and "Desh"  (Rosas)

Johannes Birringer
Dap-Lab, London

<<< Matt wrote>>

Marxist critiques of dance are normally associated with feminist
perspectives, so issues of labour & (dance)technology are usually
superseded by gender & (dance)technology. I'm assuming you ask your
question in a 'non-gendered' sense so I'll respond accordingly.

Searching the archive of both this list and the old list no one has
raised your specific question. I can't recall any dance texts that
explore that specific space, perhaps someone else knows? The question
is dependant on an understanding of the dance/technology which is only
just starting to settle. Most dance-tech texts highlight connections
rather than looking for answers, so its doubtful you will find
critical analysis.


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