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  • From: "Matt Gough" <mpgough@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dance-tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 19:04:56 +0000

hello list,

johannes asked

"exactly what level of debate or idea sharing is evoked here?"

a greater level than is on the list now. as you said yourself:

"Our maillists have become feeble bulletin boards, occasional news
items, announcements, and the dance-tech list also is in such a
strange lull, a silent phase of no debate or exchange of viewpoints

i wonder how useful it is to agree with a perspective (simon's) that
will lead only to feeble bulletin boards and passive participation.
this list is not a 'persistent presence', but a putrefying presence.

"there is no intention whatever on my part to shut the dance-tech list down"

then what is your intention revitalize the list, or are you happy with
the silent status quo as long as it suits your needs?

so far you have not put aside time to suggest a way forward from the
issue you raised. you example of other lists (e.g. empyre or idc) show
that active moderation and instigation of conversations is needed.

[ https://mail.cofa.unsw.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/empyre/ ]
[ https://lists.thing.net/pipermail/idc/ ]

do you have the time for more active participation? or are you willing
to raise people who do have time to moderator status? i look forward
to the 'more soon'

"[...]  help to build this community"
[ //www.freelists.org/archives/dance-tech/10-2005/msg00000.html ]

community is more than one, or a few. if this is 'the forum' for the
community then something is wrong if they are not making their voices
heard. there is also the issue of what happens when they speak
(especially if new) and if they are listened to with understanding.

it is not good enough to dismiss blogs out of hand. there has been
more critical debate on dance-tech issues on blogs in the last month
than there has been in the last year of this list. it is both
sustained and in depth. if you want the news to 'come to you' rss
feeds can be made into digest emails.

 a new site does not have to be technology for technologies sake, nor
should we be neo-luddites.

the suggestion for a social site seems many fold. for one, to have
better visualisation of the dance and performance technologies
community at large. for example, no one (apart from the mods) has any
idea who is on this list or the numbers. it would also be useful to
have a shared (online) calendar where provisional and confirmed dates
for events would be posted.

i'm not keen on social networks myself, but it could be made to work.
and there is a willingness to do so. citing 'spam' is a weak critique,
adverts for showings/workshops without contextual discussion can also
be considered spam.

some people do want and, need to network, so it is a useful
suggestion. the notion of moving the forum/list to such a site is to
keep things central. a new start is wanted due to the perceived lack
of direction and steering. to strip out the (political) agendas that
run as an undercurrent. the notion of  a new list/network 'for the
community, by the community'.

it would be great if the community did take the time to respond, even
if briefly ... even if just:

 'discussion to remain here and a network site',


 'monthly topics would be welcome'

 this is supposed to be a list for the many ...


 matthew gough

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