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  • Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2015 19:22:08 +0000

welcome Alexandre, for joining us

(I have just sent you the backlog of the postings here over the past weeks)

the historical trajectories of "participation" and participatory concepts are
important to remember, and revisit
I would welcome a discussion about the fore-runners.......


[Alexandre Achour schreibt]

I would be very interested in joining your conversation, but I would be very
grateful if you could pass on to me previous conversations.

I just finished an 8 months research residency in Hamburg K3, where my topic of
research was participation throughout the 20th century. We were specifically
interested in participatory practices that were radical and subversive towards
their own social political context. We made a database tracing those practices
from the beginning of the century until nowadays, based on our own knowledge,
but also many writings such as Claire Bishop, Ana Vujanovic, amongst many
others. I also premièred a performance « Speaking about the ghost » 2 weeks ago
in Hamburg, related to this research.

I am curious to read past conversations, to see how the discussion started and
evolved, and how I can also participate in it, because the last few emails that
circulated dealt more with interactive formats to create movement materials,
which is interesting but falls out from our focus of research. Let me know what
you think.

Best regards,
Alexandre Achour

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