[dance-tech] parahouse starts january 26 in berlin

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  • Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 03:57:57 +0100

sorry for crossposting ...

the evening before opening evening of transmediale the surprise is on the rise:

welcome to parahouse_12

self evolving participatory environment
by Egon March Institute & partner productions

Monday, January 26, 21.00

Studio Martina Schumacher & Joulia Strauss
in Ullsteinhaus, entrance B, 6th floor
U-bahn 6, Ullsteinstrasse

Mariendorfer Damm 1-3, 12099 Berlin


At Ostranenia festival at Bauhaus in 1997, an international group of artists joined their forces to live and work for a month in a cultural center K.I.E.Z. in Dessau. They wired the house with cameras, sensors and screens for on the fly generation and reintepretaion of video and audio. The audience in the bar, the dancer in the theatre and the passangers of the 4 floor stairs were interacting in the creation of permananet video and audio netcast announcing "the future" of media instrumentalism. 12 years later the same artists and their guests are coming together to discover how their visions from the past are relating to the future.
Parahouse at Ostranenie 97, the original preparation web page:
Documentary video at YouTube:

x-op conference in Berlin http://www.mediainmotion.de/x-op/index_x-op.html

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