[dance-tech] montage v_d festival 2010 call for submissions

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 09:52:43 +0100

Call for entries 

Montage Video Dance Festival 2010


Deadline for entries: Wednesday 26 August 2009


Montage Video Dance Festival produced by Walking Gusto Productions in 
partnership with FNB Dance Umbrella and The French Institute of South Africa, 
wants your latest screendance work for the FNB Dance Umbrella in Johannesburg, 
JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Festival in Durban and the National Arts Festival in 
Grahamstown, South Africa. 



Not how we move but what moves us

                                  Pina Bausch



Next year's theme honors the passing of Pina Bausch, Merce Cunningham and 
Augusto Boal - all icons of our dance and theatre heritage. Each one of us has 
been touched by their influence, ideas and unique vision. May they continue to 
inspire us! 


Montage therefore calls on screendance makers to send video works that reflect 
"not how we move but what moves us", for the 2010 festival. 


Criteria: Video works should be between 2 to 20 minutes, involve movement, 
dance, choreography and the moving image made specifically for the screen and 
should not be filmed live performance, nor documentaries. They may be linear, 
nonlinear or abstract in narrative. They may include animation or special 
effects to amplify the intention of the video maker. 

Format: DVD, PAL 

Fees: There is no entry fee

Entry Requirements:

1)    Email completed entry form to: Jeannette Ginslov  

2)    Entry Form downloadable at: http://www.iiixxxiii.co.uk/m/JGinslov

3)    Details to include: A 50 word synopsis, Title, Date, running time, 
original format, Production Company and funders. Cast and Crew list: Director, 
Producer, Editor, Choreographer, Camera, Dancers, Lights, Production Design, 
Composer, Sound Design, Special Effects, 4:3 or 16:9.

4)    Email 2 jpeg images/stills   

5)   Send PAL DVD, CD of stills and written details to: 

Jeannette Ginslov, Montage Video Dance Festival 2010, 33A Blackness Avenue, 
DD21EY, Dundee, Scotland. 


If selected, the screendance maker will send a mini dv tape - address to 


Please note that montage has established a video dance archive at Dibuka, The 
French Information Centre in Johannesburg, and would very much like to keep 
your video for the purposes of growing the art form and for educational 


Thanking you

Founder & Curator - Jeannette Ginslov  

Manager - Gerard Bester 


WGP funded by National Arts Council South Africa


Jeannette Ginslov
Artistic Director
Walking Gusto Productions
montage v_d festival
moves09 Africa!
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