[dance-tech] Re: kick starting a debating forum in December?

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dear all:

I think Josephine's commentary on the advantages and relationships of social 
network vs. email list 
is well taken, and it's also much appreciated, as you conclude your post by 
inviting 'moderators' or facilitators
to give us a start (linking and interconnecting our lists and tech sites) , 
and perhaps community can launch a debating subject in December ---

if you feel this mode of operation is worth trying,  we could collect proposals 
from folks who want to facilitate/moderate (it could be a team or two or three, 
be an individual), and get under way in the last month of this year.........

so, in other words,  volunteers  (Josephine?)
and, subject matter......

with anticipation,

johannes birringer

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Hi, Matt and list --
I'm pretty much in agreement with you, in that it takes about the  
same amount of effort to post a response via email vs. social  
network. It's simply a matter of preference. Personally, I've enjoyed  
getting to know people through their new ning profiles -- I'm quite  
interested in checking out their fotos, video, etc.
I've worked with some of you in a networked capacity for awhile  
(sometimes via pixelated streams or second life or etc)...so looking  
at the images/text/content in your profiles gives these identities a  
sense of place. This is a richer experience, where the format via  
email list is not as layered. This is not to say that the email list  
is somehow a lesser contender -- I don't think there's any reason why  
these things couldn't work in tandem. (We are distributed beings  
after all, no?) ;-)

I've enjoyed the discussions that happen over the dancetech listserv  
and I very much enjoy the activity on the iDC list, which was  
mentioned in an earlier post <//www.freelists.org/archives/dance- 
tech/11-2007/msg00026.html> as well:

What makes the iDC list so dynamic is Trebor's role in facilitating  
the conversations. Every couple of months or so, he invites someone  
to start a new thread. So, we could do that. I don't think any one  
person has to shoulder all of that responsibility. Perhaps a few  
people could share that, or perhaps that role could rotate, dependent  
on who was interested at the time. I don't think it matters so much  
whether we go with 'this' or 'that'...The important thing is that  
we're (re)connecting -- good to see some action -- and thanks for the  
gentle kick, Johannes... ;-)


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