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Hi Marlon

Thanks for this video. we need more of these - with artists talking so eloquently of their work and process. i really enjoyed the added dance workshop footage this time. it fleshed out the ideas put forward and made our discussions online more concrete than abstract - straight from the horses mouth, so to speak...a perceptible change of my organisation in connection with this technological gaze was most enlightening.


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hello list,
An interview with dance improvisation artist, lecturer and researcher on improvisation and perception (Tunning Scores) as one of the "Embodied Techne Series". She takes us across her experiences with dance, movement studies, psychology of perception and her experience with video. Her perspective might add to current and recent discussions on real-time composition and embodiment.
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Thank you and comments welcome,
PS: editing courtesy  of Ashley A. Friend
(please let me know if you want to collaborate with dance-tech.net podcasts. I have very cool raw material...)

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