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dear all
well, maybe I was too rash and Jacob's response to the various works described
here over the past 3 weeks does stimulate reflection on whether reports from
the various places of creativity and creation, production and teaching,
are indeed important: and then how do we treat them and what do we take from
them? how do they resonate?

I was wondering, for example, why not more discussion followed upon the
detailed compositional description Yacov sent on his new choreography. Is it
possible that Yacov's description focusses more on the technical
creation and the complexities of various tools and softwares (research)
involved in "Ad Mortuos"? while our imagination perhaps catches on more easily
when we can climb into what ethnographers sometimes call the "evocation" of the
shamanic event, on a more tactile level, as Jeannette and Sarah Jane implied,
and Henry almost started us off to, when commenting passionately after
Nilufer's description of her methodology of story gathering, voice collections
in conflict zone in Turkey near the Syrian border. Henry, you spoke of your
"`abiding interest in the relationship between people living in or near to
historic locations and/or sites of tension, and having to shift and/or leave
those habitats for one reason or another."

how many of us have left our previous habitats? and is the tactile dimensions
not also closer to the spiritual?

Here I pondered the forced migrations we have witnessed (refugees wanted and
unwanted), & daily debates, for example in Germany, or England, on who could be
admitted, how many can be allowed to "enter", how shall they be
integrated, or assimilated, or kept in their separate enclaves (and hopefully
the enclave-house is not burnt down, as happened in Törglitz, east Germany).
What did Sarah Jane hint at when she spoke of bending horizons?

The "expanded choreography", today, if one follows Tommy's suggestion and the
workshops that Jaime del Val offered –- and I am sure many here on this list
are engaged in teaching or directing workshops -, does face a wind that blows
into our faces; dance-technology was an old rallying cry; over there on the
other side (e.g. the empyre discussion list), they defend their interest in
game design and wonder why gaming/designing can sometimes be a maligned field?
I remember Michèle Danjoux telling me some time ago that fashion was also a
research/creation area taken somewhat less seriously, as far as "fronts" go.
There was a techno-fashion front too, yet mostly still gadgetery, apart from
the many developments in materials sciences and etextiles. Our first world
capitalist cultures overflow with lifestyle designs and the forced adaptations
of gadgets, all the time. So, what then about the toys, the little awes? the
kinects or broculuses.... design, Tommy wrote, is made in relationship to
use/interaction? has anyone come across the notion of "critical design"?

I had a look at Wikipedia's entry on weather fronts (there are "occluded" ones
too), remembering the suprematist triangles we suspended in our last piece,
"for the time being."

A weather front is a boundary separating two masses of air of different
densities, and is the principal cause of meteorological phenomena. In surface
weather analyses, fronts are depicted using various colored triangles and
half-circles, depending on the type of front. The air masses separated by a
front usually differ in temperature and humidity. Cold fronts may feature
narrow bands of thunderstorms and severe weather, and may on occasion be
preceded by squall lines or dry lines. Warm fronts are usually preceded by
stratiform precipitation and fog. The weather usually clears quickly after a
front's passage. Some fronts produce no precipitation and little cloudiness,
although there is invariably a wind shift.>>

interesting, no? and as far as architectural performance environments go, this
entry reminded me of the "Blur Building"...
and the silent animation I once saw of the coming and going, into the blur.


Perhaps Sarah Jane climbs up into the metaphysical mists too, and will not

Johannes Birringer

here a tiny glimpse of our "metakimosphere"


and Jacob, please do write and join the dialogue. this is not a blog at all,
but meant to be an open
forum for exchanges of views and thoughts; i personally care very lttle for
"fronts" actually, to be honest....
[Jacob Niedzwiecki schreibt]
Sent: Saturday, April 11, 2015 10:46 PM

I have really appreciated your prompts and questions…it has felt bit like a
good blog that way, with “reports from the front” combined with a curatorial
This is a new enough area of my practice that I try to do a lot of listening
and not as much talking, but I’ll try and keep you better company at least...

I hope to encourage you to join, and reply and discuss: I have tried to
moderate but it is a little frustrating if the colleagues who have
posted do not return or others do no send a rejoinder or query or
comment..... The community, as shared discussion amongst all of us, is
brought alive by you
and only if you do care to reply and sustain the discussion, as thought

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