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hola Simón

-   Here is a reference (new book, just out):, the annual publication of the 
german association for dance research, and this year's thematic focus is on 
education as well as new research directions.

Tanzforschung & Tanzausbildung. (=Jahrbuch Tanzforschung. Bd. 18). 
ed. by  Claudia Fleischle-Braun / Ralf Stabel. 
Hamburg: LIT 2008

for ordering, see the website of the GTF


-  there was also a conference in Leicester on this subject, perhaps check it 
out and ask for the conference proceedings:

Global Perspectives on Dance Pedagogy -research and practice. 

-   there are also articles on the subject generally to be found in DRJ (Dance 
Research Journal), which comes out of the USA

-- see also:  http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/music/dance/graduate/abt

-- see also for a recent CORD symposium on the subject   (CORD is the US based 
dance research association which holds annual conferences),+dance+research+in+higher+education&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=6&gl=uk

-  see Jill Dolan's interesting piece on >Critical Pedagogy Research in Dance. 
Critical dance pedagogy probes how the body is socially habituated through 
dance. training and education. ...>

I am not familiar enough with the literature in Latin America, 
but while in Brasil i found the new book by Ivani Santana in a museum 
bookstore, and it might of interest to you here:

Ivani Santana,  Dança na Cultura Digital [Dance into Digital Culture] Salvador: 
her page on the dance tech net is:   

Johannes Birringer

Hi, my name is Simón Pérez from Chile, I´m working in an articule about
dance and pedagogy in the theoretical way, in relation to art as an
univerasitary career. And I´m looking for some references about this topics.

Hola mi nombre es Simón Pérez de Chile, estoy trabajando en un artículo
teórico sobre danza y pedagogía, en relación a el arte como carrear
universitaria. Estoy buscando algunas referencias o textos sobre estos

Thanks . . .

Dispositivo de Producción Teórica
Prácticas Artísticas Contemporáneas
Jennifer Mc Coll Crozier
Simón Pérez Wilson

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