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Dear list,

This would be important grant for your research.

Warmest Regards,
Yukihiko YOSHIDA

>Programme: “profession culture"
>The National Centre for Dance (CND) is a wide?ranging French public
>institution, the duties of which are structured around four principal
>objectives: to contribute to the development of choreographic culture,
>to further rapid expansion with regard to the composition and
>circulation of works, and to offer choreographic performers and dance
>instructors a quality educational environment while providing
>personalised support to dance professionals. (www.cnd.fr
><http://www.cnd.fr> <http://www.cnd.fr> )
>In the context of a partnership between the National Centre for Dance
>and the French Ministry for Culture and Communication, the Department
>for the Development of Choreographic Culture (DDCC) is calling for
>applications for two research residencies.
>The DDCC, headed by Claire Rousier, contributes to the development of
>choreographic culture through the provision of a media library
>specialising in dance, through research support, and through a policy
>of cultural heritage revival. The latter takes the form of an editorial
>programme and the organisation of exhibitions, colloquia and various
>public events.
>The objective of the proposed residency is to provide a detailed
>analysis of documents from the Lisa Ullmann archive resource relating
>to kinetography (for which a general outline has already been prepared
>- see attached
>and to study these in connection with selected files from the archives
>of Albrecht Knust (similarly available in the CND media?library
>The purpose of this will be to throw light on the activities of the
>various centres specialising in kinetography in Europe and the United
>States and to investigate the establishment - starting at the end of
>the 1950s - of an international network of notators, who were brought
>together, in particular, within the ICKL organisation. In fact, Knust’s
>archives also contain numerous documents with regard to ICKL and, in
>particular, all drafts, letters and articles relating to meetings that
>were organised every second year by the body which was founded by L.
>Ullmann. A. Knust was the first chairman of this body in 1961, and then
>president from 1969 (see the general outline of the principal folders
>concerned in the Knust resource, further down).
>The resource entitled “Lisa Ullmann's Legacy” was initially 
>in its entirety in 7 boxes numbered 79a to 79g, containing 54 folders
>1 to 54.
>Lisa Ullmann, the last companion of Rudolf von Laban, donated the
>resource to Roderyk Lange to add to the Albrecht Knust archives that
>were already stored at the Centre of Dance Studies in Jersey. The date
>of this donation is yet to be determined, but it took place after 1984
>(the date of the most recent document placed so far in the resource).
>At the end of 2003, this resource was transferred to the National
>Centre for Dance with the substantial professional archive resource of
>A. Knust. These were L.
>Ullmann’s archives specifically relating to kinetography and which
>contain, in particular, folders and documents regarding the activities
>and meetings of the ICKL (International Council of Kinetography Laban)
>and, of course, her relationship with A. Knust. We also find documents
>among them relating to her dance instruction and class notations from
>certain of her pupils.
>Lastly, there is general documentation (periodicals in particular)
>regarding dance and movement writing. It was in 1959, after the death
>of Rudolf von Laban, that his last companion and executor of his will
>invited all notation experts to Addlestone. She had founded the Art of
>Movement Studio with Laban in Manchester, in 1948; it was moved to
>Addlestone (Surrey) in 1953 and would subsequently be renamed the Laban
>Art of movement Centre. The group of experts decided to found an
>international council and to continue on with exchange efforts aimed at
>minimising the differences that separated the two branches of the
>system of writing, kinetography and labanotation.
>Lisa Ullmann has since worked systematically with notators in the
>course of her instruction. Notation is, moreover, a mandatory subject
>in the curricula proposed by the school. The majority of documents in
>her resource are in English, the remainder being written in German.
>Researchers wishing to apply for this residency must suggest an
>original research programme based on an archive resource from one of
>the Parisian cultural heritage institutions or from another archive
>resource belonging to the CND media library. A basic description of
>these resources can be found online at the following Internet address:
>A grant of EUR1,000 will be paid monthly to each individual
>participating in the programme.
>These expenses, as well as welfare cover charges, are taken into
>account in the budget of the Delegation for Development and
>International Affairs
>(DDAI) of the Ministry for Culture and Communication, within the
>framework of the “profession culture” programme, the management 
>which is entrusted to EGIDE (French agency for international mobility).
>The CND has accommodation available in the Cite des Arts (Paris, 4th
>arrondissement) and suggest that research?grant holders stay there
>while completing their CND research mission.
>For the entire duration of the residency, an office with telephone and
>fax facilities in the DDCC will be made available to research?grant
>Length of residencies available to applicants:
>- 4 months between 8 January and the end of May 2007
>- 3 months between October and December 2007
>Please send your applications before 20 November 2006, in French, to
>Claire Rousier (claire.rousier@xxxxxx
>E-15E4-4D4B-945E-43314A7DA29> ) with:
>- CV
>- cover letter in support of your application
>- research proposal: XXX characters maximum (incl. spaces)
>- preferred residency date
>A minimum level of French is required in order to apply.
>Replies will be made public on 4 december 2006.
>The request for applications is made subject to DDAI’s confirmation of
>the grants, at the latest, on 31/12/06.

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