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The Visualisation Research Unit at UCE Birmingham Institute of Art and
Design will be running a series of workshops in November on the topic
of e-Science for the Visual Arts.

The workshops will take place at the Ikon Gallery on November 3rd, 10th
and 17th, from 10:30 to about 16:30 and will cover a range of themes
within the broad scope of e-science and it's potential impact on the
visual arts.

If you are a artist, researcher, academic, gallery owner or curator and
are interested in the new forms of cultural production developed and
delivered through technology then you should not miss this opportunity
to engage with and influence the future of e-Science in the Arts.

These workshops are supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and 
free to attend. Lunch is provided.

For further information please see the Web site 

And to register please e-mail register@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What is e-Science?

The term e-Science covers a group of concepts and technologies
initially used, as the name suggests, in science research. The three
main topics of e-science are: high performance computing, large scale
data sets and networked collaboration. Often the term "grid" is used in
conjunction with each of these areas to indicate the distributed nature
of the computer power, data and people.

More information on e-science is available on the Arts & Humanities e-Science 
Support Centre's web site - http://www.ahessc.ac.uk/getting-started

"e-Science brings together creative people and massive computing power in 
innovative ways of working" Dr. Andy Pryke (CERCIA)

"e-Science is how the next generation of artists are going to create
work and in creative practice it is as yet barely understood." Dr.
Gregory Sporton (UCE Birmingham Institute of Art and Design)


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