[dance-tech] Re: dance-tech interviews from MUSE 010, Dresden, Germany

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  • Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 23:39:59 +0100

hello all;

lovely film / interview from Dresden,  in original language, 
running on:


these days.  Really enjoyable.
I pass on the original announcement from Marlon Barrios Solano. 

 (http://www.dance-tech.net/profiles/blogs/watch-dancetech-interviews) // 

Hello dance-techers;

Watch dance-tech interviews from MUSE 010!
Stay tuned for more:

MUSE 010: Interview with Tamas Moricz, Palucca Schule, 
Dresdenhttp://www.dance-tech.net/video/muse-010-interview-with-tamas MUSE 010: 
Interview with Anton Lachky, 
Dresdenhttp://www.dance-tech.net/video/muse-010-interview-with-anton MUSE 
010:Class with Anton Lachky @ Muse 010, 
Dresdenhttp://www.dance-tech.net/video/class-with-anton-lachky-muse-1 MUSE 010: 
Interview with Jason Beechey, Palucca Schule, 
Dresdenhttp://www.dance-tech.net/video/muse-010-interview-with-jason Thank 
you,MarlonDresden,August 1st 2010

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Johannes Birringer

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