[dance-tech] Re: dance / shared community

  • From: Josephine Dorado <josephine@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mpgough@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 21:02:22 -0500

Hi, Matt and list --
I'm pretty much in agreement with you, in that it takes about the same amount of effort to post a response via email vs. social network. It's simply a matter of preference. Personally, I've enjoyed getting to know people through their new ning profiles -- I'm quite interested in checking out their fotos, video, etc. I've worked with some of you in a networked capacity for awhile (sometimes via pixelated streams or second life or etc)...so looking at the images/text/content in your profiles gives these identities a sense of place. This is a richer experience, where the format via email list is not as layered. This is not to say that the email list is somehow a lesser contender -- I don't think there's any reason why these things couldn't work in tandem. (We are distributed beings after all, no?) ;-)

I've enjoyed the discussions that happen over the dancetech listserv and I very much enjoy the activity on the iDC list, which was mentioned in an earlier post <//www.freelists.org/archives/dance- tech/11-2007/msg00026.html> as well:

What makes the iDC list so dynamic is Trebor's role in facilitating the conversations. Every couple of months or so, he invites someone to start a new thread. So, we could do that. I don't think any one person has to shoulder all of that responsibility. Perhaps a few people could share that, or perhaps that role could rotate, dependent on who was interested at the time. I don't think it matters so much whether we go with 'this' or 'that'...The important thing is that we're (re)connecting -- good to see some action -- and thanks for the gentle kick, Johannes... ;-)


On Nov 14, 2007, at 12:34 PM, Matt Gough wrote:


i had been holding off a response in the hope that some other voices
would add to the discussion.

it takes about the same time to post a response to this list, as it
does to join the dance tech (ning) network. there are 33 members there
already (still growing), and this list remains quite quiet.


that seems a response in itself ...

simon makes a good suggestion below, i would suggest alternate months
for a theme to give space for more open, emergent discussion. perhaps
also that the themes could relate to recent conferences from time to
time. to extend and expand the discussion.

yes i am willing to make / offer time - but it does not really seem
that people want such discussion on this list.


From: Matt Gough <mpgough@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Nov 10, 2007 5:35 PM

Hi Simon

i'm not sure if you were wanting this message to goto the list, but
ishas not. anyhow, i'll reply to you personally.

no, i wasn't offering to run a monthly theme, but simply pointing
tosomething johannes had said. i want to see if there are any other
responses on the list before making any offers ... it does not seem
clear as yet what the community wants. [...]

From: Simon Biggs <s.biggs@xxxxxxx>
Date: Nov 10, 2007 5:44 PM

Hi Matt

If you like you can forward my message to the list, although it
doesn'treally matter. Main thing is you read it. [...] Perhaps a
monthly rotating editor/moderator would be a good idea, a different
theme each time, selectedby a self-selecting editorial oversight group
of list members. Anybody whowants to be, and has the time to be, a
member of this group could be amember. We would want to avoid
heirarchies. [...]

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