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  • From: "Yukihiko YOSHIDA" <yukihiko@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 14:04:11 +0900

Hello from TOKYO,

Avant-garde/like "Super-flat"/ Web2.0 media dance performance tool in
Archidemo (project page: http://mapping.jp/archi/ ) by "Gekitora  Gackt"
from "inetdance Japan". Gekitora intends "Dance-performance that can be
appreciated from any angle 360 degrees", and does various experiments in

Gekitora choreographs both dancers and avators. It is fantastic experience
for him to choreograph avators, because artist can share only pure movement
of motion with many users in Internet. 

Now, A series of four dances can be tested with the dance-pad.
A free body expression act is done in the weightless space. 
Those expressions reminds users of  the space suit of "2001:A Space

I think that Metaverse tends to iminate space recognition of the
physical-world with gravity, and those expressions  might be able to works
in more multi-dimensional environment after the development of virtual
environment, such as Second Life.
This challenge produces the space recognition with the movement of the body
without the wall and the floor might be a prototype of "Architecture in
The activity of gekitora in the future will come to be excited.

Everyone can test it freely at NikkeiBP...here.

Archidemo : Architecture in Metaverse

Warmest Regards,
Yukihiko Yoshida

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