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Hi Frieder,

Thanks for your great reply!!, I am working in Windows and Isadora
does accept OSC transmissions.

Have you got some diagrams or instructions to help me make the
equipment you have described?



On 11/11/06, Frieder Weiss <frieder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Tech talk:

Polar belts send a 5kHz burst signal as a magnetic field. You can attach a
little coil to the belt, amplify the signal and send that to a computer
sound input. You can even use a wireless audio transmission. You receive a
short 5kHz tone for each heart beat. If you are moving, you will receive
some artefact clicks which are not actual heartbeats. Some beats might also
be missing.

The second system i built was a bit more high-tech. A polar receiver (OEM
equipment you can buy from Polar) picks up the signals from the belt,
calculates the heart rate and sends it as a two byte, 4800Baud serial port
signal. I made a little box with that receiver and attached a Bluetooth
serial transmission link. I don't know whether Isadora supports input from
serial ports. I wrote a software (Windows only) to monitor the heartrate,
visualize and filter it and send out OSC messages.

Frieder Weiss

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I would like to capture the signal from a Polar heart rate monitor to
use the heart beat in Isadora for various things, does anyone know how
to find the frequency and then convert it to a midi or other signal I
could use in Izzy.?
Any help would be great thanks


I apologise for this post being only one paragraph and sixty seven words:)

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