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Hello from TOKYO,
Here is news on grant.
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emcLab call


EUROPE in your eyes

Official Announcement for e=mc25

This is the first Official Announcement aimed at all European artists or
residents of any European country which are developing artistic and/or
experimental on new technology.

Those works produced by teams composed of artists from different countries
will be favourably considered.

The slogan for this official announcement is: EUROPE in your eyes


emclab is a european digital plataform to the experimentation and the
development of art projects on new technologies.

- This plataform has as an fundamental objective the connection, in
simultaneous and real time, among the 25 Capitals of the EU ,Santa Cruz of
Tenerife, Bilbao and other cities for the presentation of the projects
selected, through satellites of communication, teams of television and
internet and screens of gigantic projection installed in the streets of the
participating cities.

- Will Be available a DATES-ART with information of artists, institutions,
Centers of Art and of European production for the establishment of

collaborative bonds.


- Works/projects must have been produced after January 1st, 2005.

- The number of works/projects is not limited.

- Projects may be presented in any language. The translate must be included
in Spanish or English, in case of being selected.

- The organization may use parts of the works for media broadcasting, within
the promotional framework of e=mc25

- Following the process of selection, all participants will be notified in
writing of the result, and the required presentation formats of their work.

- Authors will be responsible for copyright of their works.

- Works/projects selected will be exhibited in e=mc25

- A catalogue will be produced in Spanish and English, including all the
works /projects.

- Artists with works selected shall agree to assign a copy to e=mc25, which
may be used in the subsequent exhibitions.

- The organization is not responsible for the content of works in order to
preserve freedom.

- Submission of a works/projects implies the acceptance of these

-The cities conecction to be at spring 2008


All submissions must be received by June 30th, 2007.

-The works should be sent by registered on line. [form on line] 


-Post adress :


EUROPE in your eyes

c/Méndez Nuñez 102,6D

38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife



- Works presented will be selected by a committee of international
expert/ace in art and new technologies.

- Jury's decision is final, and is not open to appeal.

SELECTED WORKS must include:

- Project description

- Technical credits.

- Technical requirements for its showing.

- Two colour photographs of every work/project sent.

- A short biography of author/ team, medialab or representative

- A transcript of work/project in Spanish or English.

- All works must include in their front page: the work's title, the delivery
address, and the data of author or representative organization.

- In case of not providing a correct delivery address, the organization will
not be responsible for the works.



- Subsequently to the execution of the journey through the 25 Capitals of
the EU and other European cities, will be announced the European Congress of
artists and experts for the debate and the reflection on technological and
digital art al object to devise proposals that contribute to invigorate the

- In parallel, will be proposed to the European institutions the assignment
of budgets for the development of artistic projects that link to the five

We thank to all the participants the confidence in this platform. 


More info about 







On this millennaristic threshold old paradigms, which hold our reality built
in the course of millenniums, have been overcome and in their place we
witness great social, cultural and technological changes, which present
unusual prospects for the human race. 

Zeus has returned a Europe around which, slowly and with difficulty, all its
members have got together. Nowadays we may celebrate the agreement of 25
countries in a common project that was dreamt at length. Tomorrow, all
Europeans will be first-rate Europeans. Politics, economics and culture will
get inside our hearts through a more fluid personal contact, and through
Institutions that represent the feelings of the people. This European
feeling has been slowly forged thanks to the convergence of civilizations
that have provided a way of being, seeing, and thinking in a variety of

The barriers that divided European people, that were built as retaining
walls, have been replaced with communication highways, where we move freely.
However, this space we call Europe, which has banished wars from its region,
becoming prosperous and democratic, is just a place in the world. 

Outside our frontiers military conflicts coexist with the hunger of inert
populations. Small boats, genetics, all kinds of fundamentalisms, and the
Internet, everything is part of an odd mix in this globalized world. The
archaic and the new share space and time in our travelling everyday life. 

European population is not homogeneous and it does not have a unique
language. Immigration contributes to shape a multi-ethnic Europe, varied, in
search of understanding spaces, where the different cultures contribute to
enrich the heritage we all share. It is absolutely necessary to establish
channels where communication between people is fluid, accessible and

Our identity is precisely our diversity, "'I' is another and I am the
others." In order to establish this concept we will use the word by means of
technological networks, as the main element of communication to know others,
and to know ourselves. That is the only possibility to effectively weaken
the variety of violence and inequalities that surround us. 

In order to develop a genuine European feeling and a common space of
democratic values we need to feel close, enter into the everyday life of the
other, know the different cultures, establish bonds between Institutions,
artists, philosophers, scientists, etc. between people!

Technological advances and their convergence with art enable us to establish
a union, a bridge among European Capitals, providing creative communication
in order to achieve a greater, more mutual and immediate knowledge as the
basis for a harmonious and productive construction.

Nowadays, in such a convulsed world, full of uncertainties, we need to think
about the model to follow.

In this global situation, The European Union may be an essential reference
for a better understanding between countries and the peaceful coexistence of


The project 

Develops a metaphor of the characteristic racial, cultural and idiomatic
fact of our complicated society, since it is not the identity but the
otherness that reflect us, it makes us recognizable, it encourages us to
know the others in ourselves, to meet other people in a creative and
mutually revealing way. 

It is a tribute to languages (more than five thousands all over the planet)
and thinking, to the uncontrollable desire of the human being to invent,
devise, dream, etc. to communicate and share. 

When abolishing frontiers, artificial obstacles among countries, the world
becomes a place without barriers or obstacles. We can look into the distance
from any place. We shall check all belongs to all. Our French, German,
Polish, Italian, etc. citizens are really close to us. Crossing the street,
we can see them and listen to them and communicate with them. 

e=mc25 proposes a journey across the European Union without going out of the
city itself. In this journey we may enter the everyday life of other places,
knowing and sharing art and culture, and making them ours.

The world and its people are brought closer by the widespread use of the
Internet, mobile telephony, video conference, telepresence, etc. Technology
has drastically reduced distances. However, this communication is almost
always made privately and in close spaces. 

With this Project we take it out for a walk, to those walking places and
meeting points, in order to implement reality, a virtual reality,
incorporating other cities into the urban landscape of our city. 

Nowadays millions of people all over the world are connected by means of
mobile telephony and the Internet. The strength these interconnections gain
marks is a milestone in global human relationships. Thus, we should make a
great effort so that the technological breach does not cause greater
inequalities, but the same opportunities.

Everything is not entertainment or business. Art, on this occasion, allows
steering this energy and concentrating it on a simultaneous action in all
countries of the European Union. Bonds between people and groups in pursuit
of the construction of a more cultured and supportive European Union will be
increased, reasserting the wish to share knowledge and media.

e=mc25 is an open window from which we will look and we will be seen. More
than 450 million people joined together, working in the implementation of
cooperative mechanisms through art. 


With e=mc25 we want to broaden the concept of globalization through art and
culture. Thus, citizens of the EU will be provided with the required
mechanisms so that they may be active protagonists in the construction of a
common Project: a Europe of Culture.

We are citizens of a "Great Metropolis" called Europe, where each city is
part of the other cities.

In a circular and virtual journey across the EU, without going out from our
own city, we will feel that our street or city does not end in its
boundaries, but continues in the streets of all the other European cities. 

While walking we may see and talk with those people who come towards us,
sharing everything that is taking place in each European Capital.

Without going out from our city, we will feel as if we were walking in Santa
Cruz de Tenerife, Bilbao, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome, etc. Being and
feeling European citizens and taking part in a cultural and artistic event
on a European Union scale.

Large projection screens connected to television cameras in each city will
be located in city centre public spaces in order to achieve this feeling. A
communicative network in real time will be weaved by means of communication
via satellite, Internet, mobile telephony and other technological and human
resources, and this will link the 25 Capitals of the EU, Bilbao, Santa Cruz
de Tenerife, and all those joining the project.

The event will last for two days, and during this time these projection
screens will be used as a medium for real-time communication, screening and
distribution of works by European artists, promotions of Institutions,
corporations and collaborator companies, on-line works by artists from
different countries, etc. Each city will be coordinated with the other
Capitals, suggesting projects and contents of their promotions and artists.

This Project is absolutely and necessarily participative, so we expect the
active collaboration of Artists, Institutions, Companies and citizens of all
the EU states.


The Project e=mc25 is made up of two identifiable phases.

3.1.- Phase A: the journey.- A trip around the 25 States of the EU using all
kind of transportation, feeling and making this shared European space ours.

At the same time the whole Project will be presented in the European
Parliament and Capitals of the EU (Local Authorities, artists, cultural
agents, Art Centres) so that participation and collaboration may be

3.2.- Phase B: connection.- The different real-time communication systems
via satellite, TV, Internet and mobile telephony and the installation of
projection screens in the streets for connecting the Capitals taking part in
will be established.

PHASE A.- the journey across the 25 states of the EU

The journey begins in January 2006 so that we may witness and take part in
the new composition of the EU which increases to 25 countries. We rarely
expect to build a European Union that matches the geographical and cultural
boundaries, enabling the creation of a real common space for culture and

Knowledge, collaboration, and exchange of cultural and artistic agents, and
in general, of European society must be developed further if we consider the
great potential the EU has within its frontiers, and as a reference point to
the rest of the world.

Thus, we want and need to take part in the development of a EU having
Culture in the centre of its everyday life as a focal point of coexistence
and social integration, where there is no place for isolation and
discrimination, contributing significantly to improve the quality of
citizens' lives. Culture as a symbol of the EU.

Presentation e=mc25

The whole project is presented to representatives of political, cultural and
artistic Institutions from each country, at local and national levels, by
means of explanatory fliers, audiovisual demo and web page.

Presentations in the Capitals of the EU are expected to take place in the
Spanish Embassies in collaboration with the Subdirección General de
Promoción Cultural Exterior del Ministerio español de Asuntos Exteriores y
Cooperación and the Subdirección General de Cooperación Cultural
Internacional del Ministerio español de Cultura.

Journey dates

The journey begins in January 2006 with the presentation in the promoting
cities: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Bilbao, and Madrid, and afterwards in all
the Capitals of the EU.


Image Phase A 

- Logotype and corporate image of the project.

- Editions.- Fliers including the concepts and aims of the project;
participation of collaborating Institutions; promoting cities and
connections between Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Bilbao and the 25 Capitals of
the EU.

- Audiovisual demo.- Recreation of the connections among the Capitals taking
part, with original music.

- Web page.- On the web page you may gain access to the projects' contents,
follow the journey, access official announcements for the participation of
European artists, follow links to the Data Bases of Institutions, Art
Centres, etc. and communicate between the cities participating in the
coordination and development.



Main objectives Phase A:

- Presentation of e=mc25 to the Local Authorities, Cultural Agents and
Artists in the Capitals of the EU for the participation in the development
of the Project.

- Seeing, feeling, living and sharing the real magnitude of the new EU.

- Promoting the exchange of information and collaboration in artistic
Projects within the EU, taking part in the formation of working parties.

- Helping cultural and artistic exchanges among cities. 

- Encouraging the development of international projects. 

- Seeking support and funding of the EU Institutions for the development of
the Project. 

- Edition of Data-Art, comprising of a guide-book and interactive DVD with
information from Institutions, Art Centres, artists, etc. 

- Edition of a travel book, including the most important aspects from the
Capitals visited.

- Specific web page as a link and platform for meeting and taking part in
works on-line, official announcements, and following the journey. 

- Official announcement "Europe in your eyes" aimed at European artists or
residents of any European country.

- The journey will be shot, photographed, and exhibited by means of
audiovisual installations, and editions at Museums and Art Centres all over
the world.

Sponsoring and collaborator institutions Phase A:

Presidencia Parlamento Europeo

Subdirección General de Promoción Cultural Exterior (Ministerio Asuntos
Exteriores y Cooperación)

Subdirección General de Cooperación Cultural Internacional (Ministerio de

Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Organismo Autónomo de Cultura)

Fundación Bilbao 700

Ayuntamiento de Bilbao


PHASE B: the connections 

We are aware of the great challenges involved in real-time connection of the
25 Capitals of the EU, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Bilbao (and other cities
joining the project) in a coordinated act. 

On the same day, at the same time, the main cities of the EU will have a
window to communicate with each other. 

We will be able to look and be seen, talk and take part in a great cultural
event where we will share dreams, hopes, and cultural and artistic projects.

It will be a milestone in the use of new technologies accessible to
everybody and a symbol for incorporating all the European citizens in a
common space, sharing democratic ideals.


Dates and length of the connections 

In spring of 2007 the required devices for the connection between the cities
of the EU will be established.

Connection will last 48 hours and during this time we may communicate in
real time from each city participating, and we may also take part
simultaneous cultural events in the 25 countries of the European Union.


Aims Phase B [index] 

- Between Phase A and Phase B, there will be a period for developing, beyond
the events dates, convergent cultural and artistic projects to encourage and
broaden the relationships between Institutions and citizens. This will help
create stable and participative structures in the field of culture and art,
which help to reinforce collaboration among Europeans realising the global

- Congress call for analysing and reflecting on art and new technologies,
with the participation of European Museums and experts.

- Development of specific works by multimedia artists and others. With their
presentation within the framework of e=mc25 we may widen exhibition and
promotional circuits. 

- Official announcement of a European award "Europe in your eyes" for art
and new technologies.

- Promotion of stable links among artists, Institutions, the media,
production and exhibition in Europe for developing cultural and artistic
international projects. 

- Promotion of Institutions, Corporations and Companies taking part in the
project in the 25 countries of the EU. 

- Contribution to advanced programs of new technologies. 

- Promotion of citizen participation in a supportive Europe through culture
and art, bringing Institutions closer to the citizens.

- Organization of a large party of Art and Culture in the 25 countries of
the EU simultaneously, with the collaboration of local groups and artists

- Installation of projection screens, television sets, Internet, mobile
telephony and others in every city participating for the real-time

- Proposal to create a TV program about art and culture called "Europe in
your eyes."

- Development of binding programs to spread this experience to the five

- This action emerges from the possibilities provided by the present, but it
has a clear vocation for the future. 



In January 2006 we begin a journey dreamt at length by the 25 States of the
EU to present e=mc25. 

Without the support and generosity of the Institutions sponsoring and
collaborating to realise this project, it would not be possible to deal with
such an ambitious idea of joining in real time the 25 States of the EU, and
their capital cities by means of communication systems.

The view of those people who run these Institutions, coinciding with ours,
to take actively participate in the construction of a more supportive and
creative Europe, where culture and art are essential for coexistence. This
would help sow the seeds and establish a platform where different cultures
meet to eradicate all kinds of wars and inequalities that prevent the
creative meeting of all civilizations.

Despite the technical and human complexity required for the implementation
of a real-time communicative network, which joins the 25 Capitals of the EU
(and other cities), the objective is to develop technological proposals.
This will help promote knowledge and collaboration between citizens and
Institutions through culture and art, for the promotion of Europe and
participation in the name of a greater and better social coherence in the
world. Art and technology becoming accessible to all. 

This project strives to spread the experience of the EU to the 5 continents.
Art, culture and new technologies enable us to overcome frontiers of
insuperable barriers.

Art and Culture make us more supportive and free.


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