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Hi all,

i start getting back to the mails.

I don't know if I understand what you mean by the aura, Jeannette, It is not a 
concept I have worked with a great deal. Could you define more exactly what 
meaning you imply? 

As far as i understand it the aura is linked to symbolic value, and therefore 
what I imply in the transmedia context of postsubjectivities would be 
incompatible with the aura as I see it related to objects that aquire a 
symbolic significance because of the disciplinary and cultural territories that 
they construct and maintain: the "Work of Art" understood as an object that is 
unique, but fixed and preexisting our exchanges with it is an essential 
intrument of power within High Culture western traditions.

What I propose is the opposite: If you are part of a process, and the "work" is 
that very process which is also your "self" and becoming, there is no 
exteriority to the process or to the work, but an interdependence of forces in 
the relation of which both the self and the work emerge, but never sedimenting 
into something complete and fixed. 

Did I get near an answer?

The question of the aura is tricky, for instance to go back to Benjamin's idea 
of the dissapearance of the aura (which as I say I have not worked with a great 
deal) I think in the context of media culture and the proliferation of 
repeatable images, ubiquitous, collapsing our cortex with serial repetition, 
new forms of aura emerge, new forms of symbolic value, the images repeat 
themselves as icons of gods that are devoid of ideal, but the market forces 
that drive them fill them with phantom desires that make us believe they are 
real... in fact in Baudrillard's words they are more than real, they are 
hiperreal, they have replaced reality, the real is only what occurs in the 
fiction of the total screen, what is subject to endless serialisations... while 
our real lives seem more and more unreal... this kind of empty symbolic value, 
the tecnoaura of the images, and the sounds, is the new form of colonisation of 
bodies and territories, an instrumental aura of a new kind of power, that we 
must yet learn to deal with.

all best


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  Hi Jaime

  This just struck me after your words:

  "in a transdisciplinary, transmedia context, where the écriture in which 
novel forms of proprioception....can work in between to create novel zones, 
bodies and architectures for new kinds of post-subjectivity...cross-modal 
perception may be enacted, then we are transgressing the frontiers of the 
discipline of choreography, and indeed the established territories and 
anatomies of the body in a deeper sense."
  Is this the return of the aura of works of art?
  Does post-choreography calls back the notion of the "aura" or the auratic 
moment for the one interacting? 
  Each moment produced will be irreproducible? 
  There is structure but the product changes slightly each time, reveals a 
unique experience to each
  body/person interacting. Each interaction owned by the body/person that is 
agent and co-author, co- choreographer.

  Also taking a break...too much work calls.


  PS thanks Johannes for your wonderful and supportive feedback. Much 

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