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hello all:

still trying to catch up with the issues that have been proposed, and Sarah 
Jane's question of the terms of engagement.

But as far as the emerging propositionsd for social networking go, I want to 
ask first of all - what exactly is meant by

>> creating a social network around this topic could possibly take these 
>> conversations and interactions to a
> new level.

exactly what level of debate or idea sharing is evoked here? 
I suppose i may not be your average blogger or blog reader (i never read blogs 
actually), and apart from my work and research collborations, I don't think I 
have learnt to enjoy the networked social as much yet.  I tend to think like 
Simon, on this matter,
and as far as Simon's implicit question goes, there is no intention whatever on 
my part to shut the dance-tech list down.  
It my not have been as active in debate and idea-sharing s it used to be, but I 
welcome its quiet and persistent presence as a forum where i learn about 
others, and can read about workshops and events and new developments in a 
manner that is user friendly.  When a subject of controversy or debate comes 
up, it will come up and those interested in engagement will do so.

more soon
Johannes Birringer

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I have removed myself some time ago from all the social networking systems I
had links to. I found them an annoying source of spam and unwanted
approaches from various people. They also require you to be proactive, going
'out there' and purposefully engaging with others. Lurkers and anti-social
people like me are better evolved to work within a list-serve-like system,
where things 'come to you' and all you need to do is decide whether to open
an email or bin it. I have all my lists delivered as digests so usually a
day's worth of messages can be scanned by header in a matter of seconds and
appropriate action determined. I don't have the time for the slower and more
'polite' environment of social networking. If the dance-tech list shuts down
I will probably not migrate to a new platform and just drop off that
particular radar.



On 7/11/07 18:13, "Kristin Sloan" <sloan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I first heard about this list on Matthew Gough's blog, Quodlibet, and
> then Tony Schultz was kind enough to forward Doug Fox's thoughtful
> contribution to the list to me, so here I am.
> I'm very excited to see that there is an organized and passionate
> group of people connecting over Dance and Technology (unfortunately I
> had no idea until now-I'm very excited to have found all of you!),
> but agree with Marlon (//www.freelists.org/archives/dance-tech/
> 11-2007/msg00016.html) that creating a social network around this
> topic could possibly take these conversations and interactions to a
> new level.
> Marlon- the(inter)mission uses the Ning platform, as you mentioned in
> your recent post, and it works fairly smoothly. Also, it gives you
> the ability to have multiple administrators, so as long as everyone
> is on the same page, it could work out great.
> Ning has also just started offering the ability to add OpenSocial
> apps as Josephine had mentioned (//www.freelists.org/archives/
> dance-tech/11-2007/msg00015.html), so I think it makes sense to have
> a niche environment of our own, that could also at some point
> communicate across the mass social networks like facebook and myspace.
> I don't want to be presumptuous, considering I just joined everyone
> here, but I wanted to offer to help as much as I can in setting
> something up for this topic. I am really interested in learning more
> about this area of expertise within our art form, so would love to
> help facilitate a more open environment for all of us as much as I can.
> Let me know what I can do... set-up, design, layout suggestions,
> spreading the word... I just did this recently, so we could get it up
> and running fairly quickly if everyone is game.
> Also I just got the URL dance-technology.com, but if someone has
> another one that is better that's great too. I'm just offering that
> one up.
> Let me know what you all think.
> Best,
> Kristin
> kristin sloan | founder, editor
> thewinger.com

Simon Biggs
AIM/Skype: simonbiggsuk

Research Professor in Art, Edinburgh College of Art

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