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hello all and best wishes for 2008!

Walking Gusto Productions - multimedia dance theatre news:

Well so far I have been incredibly busy getting things together for 2008 and had no real holiday to speak of. However this has brought incredible results and the following so far is lined up for Walking Gusto Productions (WGP) in 2008.

1) "sanctum" Performance and Paper at Ammerman Digital Arts Symposium at the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology in Connecticut USA, 28-01 March. "sanctum" (20min) is an interactive dance work based on FGM. In collaboration with interactive artists Nathaniel Stern and Tegan Bristow. Dancer: Vishanti Arumugam.

2) "freedom" (15 min) dance video. 10 mins edited for YouTube, a rough cut without soundscape by James Webb but entered into Cinedans 2008. This will also be shown at montage this year. Will post completed version with sound as soon as it becomes available! Will be screened at montage 2008 and Gala Evening 29 February FNB Dance Umbrella 2008 View at http://www.youtube.com/WalkingGusto.

3) "karohano" (8 min) dance video. Inzalo Dance & Theatre Co commissioned WGP to make a dance video and you can see the complete version on YouTube - also entered for Cinedans 2008. Will be screened at montage 2008 and Gala Evening 29 February FNB Dance Umbrella 2008 View at http://www.youtube.com/WalkingGusto.

4) "slip" (2min) shot and produced at the place 2006 during Video Dance Masterclass with Katrina McPherson. View at http://www.youtube.com/WalkingGusto . Will enter MOVES08 and entered for Cinedans 2008. Screenings so far: i) World Premier at "the place", London, 31 October at Dance on Screen, Masterclass Screening 2006. ii) montage - video dance festival, Johannesburg, 15 March 2007, FNB Dance Umbrella 2007.
iii) Jomba Fringe, Durban, 26 August 2007 at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre.
iv) DANCE:FILM 07 non-Scottish shorts programme 3rd November 2007.

5) "eclectronic" - multimedia dance work for the FNB Dance Umbrella Fringe - 10 & 11 March at Wits Theatre. Dancers: Penni Ho Hin and Vishanti Arumugam with Jeannette Ginslov and Tanya Futter, live on stage mixing interactive media - a vj of sorts. Shortlisted for Spier Contemporary Arts 2008. View snippets at http://www.youtube.com/WalkingGusto

6) WGP "eclectronic performance" at the Premises Art Gallery - all WGP dance videos (slip, karohano, freedom, anatomy of loss, breaking the surface), "sanctum" and "eclectronic". One week in April/May. This is also going to be shown in April (one week) at the Premises Art Gallery, Civic Theatre, Johannesburg, in conjunction with all WGP dance videos as well as "eclectronic". Possible show at the National Arts Festival 2008 in Grahamstown.

7) montage video dance festival - 24 & 25 February 2008. We have receieved countless entries this year from all corners of the globe and will no doubt have another "world beater" event! Looking for longer dance videos - from 2-20 mins as we have more available on the Festival.

Well that's all folks! Hope to see you soon amidst all the cables, screens and projections.

Best wishes

Jeannette Ginslov
Walking Gusto Productions
multimedia dance theatre
South Africa

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