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__género y sexualidad__transculturalidad__ecología y urbanismo__conflictos 
Asociación Transdisciplinar REVERSO - Presidente/Director: Jaime del Val
Tel:  687 558 436 _-_ email: jaimedelval@xxxxxxxxxxx      -     www.reverso.org 

Danse et nouvelles Technologies


Workshop de 4 jours de Jaime Del Val  REVERSO - www.reverso.org  dans la 
Anticonference organisé par Armando Menicacci:
4-7 Mai  - Centre Culturel El Menzah 6 - Tunis

Technologies du corps: microdances et le corps pos-anatomique 

Les performances de Jaime del Val_REVERSO sont des mise en action d'une 
transformation du corps a travers un usage critique de la technologie qui 
question les representations du genre et la sexualité et les technologies de 
control de la culture digitale en les renversant pour en produir un corps sans 
forme et sans limite: utilisant des cameras de surveillance sur le corps comme 
interface (intracorps) dans de systemes intra-actifs et de processement 
electronique de la voix il explore de nouvelles experiances choregraphiques, 
propioceptives, visuelles, sonores et architecturales a travers le 
developpement de microdances qui se deroule dans une multiplicite de medias et 
d'espace tels que l'espace public de la ville, dans des espaces à l'interieur 
ou en internet.
Jaime Del Val : est un artiste transdisciplinaire (performer, chorégraphe, 
artiste visuel, compositeur), théoricien du corps, activiste queer et directeur 
du Institute REVERSO des technologies du corps -www.reverso.org. Son travail 
propose des redéfinitions du corps relationnel et politique, du genre et la 
sexualité, et un questionnement des nouveaux dispositifs de pouvoir dans le 
capitalisme, dans la convergence des medias contemporaines, disciplines 
artistiques et pensée critique. Depuis 2000, ses métaformances (hybrides de 
performance, installation et intervention urbaine) ont été souvent présentées 
en Europe et Amérique.

9-10 May 2009

in MediaLab Prado - MADRID  http://medialab-prado.es/


related to the Transnational event Society of Molecules organised by TheSenseLab


with Jaime del Val-REVERSO www.reverso.org and the participants of the project 
Common Body (the body as Social Common) 


Sáturday 9th May: 12'00-20'00

Sunday 10th May: 11'00-15'00


Open call: contact: jaimedelval@xxxxxxxxxxx 


Materials: Body in motion.


The Molecule in Madrid will deal with modes of production of amorphous 
relational bodies-architectures-sexes through subverting/transposing 
technologies of control: war-machines (for emergence and resistance) in times 
of the Capitalism of Affects. 


Instructions: Surveillance cameras are placed on the skin, pointing to the 
skin, in different places anywhere on the body, becoming an interface (or 
intrabody) in an interactive system (or intra-active body) for the 
performance/metaformance of Microdances. The nearly legible abstract moving 
fragments of the body are projected like an architecture, onto buildings as an 
urban intervention, or indoors, producing an immersive space. Always look at 
the projection as you move, let the projection move you. Proprioceptive 
feedback is transposed to the microdances, the amorphous movements of the 
images, while the voice is processed life through a software becoming a chorus 
of dissolving voices. First one body only, then more together, constituting a 


The transposition of the camera to the surface of the skin is a simple gesture 
with powerful consequences: it dissolves the distance, framing and focus that 
accounts intelligibility in representation and materialisation (the 
intelligibility that we have embodied as synonymous to objectivity since the 
proliferation of the camera obscura in the XV century), it makes the object of 
surveillance unrecognisable and uncontrollable, it dissolves anatomical 
architectures into formless movement, thus working on the constitutive 
boundaries of sex, gender and intimacy, it projects the moving body in new 
scales and dimensions of time-space and capability, it displaces proprioceptive 
feedback into a transposed antianatomy, redesigning the sensory anatomy and 
producing a closed circuit for self-production that disseminates in 
multiplicities of times-becomings. 


The lack of distance and perspective generates a space of a body that is like 
an alien world and yet so near: it is not outside signification but rather 
disrupts the frames of reference, the distances of signification, and explodes 
the signifying body in a supernova of disseminations, where everything is sex 
and gender is nowhere, a body of pure excess: excess of dissemination, excess 
of intensity, excess of overflow. The outside of discourse is found in the 
excessive proximity, almost like an inside. An exercise for non-identitarian 
becoming, most therapeutical in our times of obsession with identity as 
marketing product. The life electronic processing of the voice works in the 
direction of  transforming verbal movement, faciality and vocality. The new 
scale of micromovement redefines categories of ability and disability. 


The loss of perspective situates motion and action in a plane of immanence: it 
is not about multiple perspectives of the body, but about an immanent becoming 
of the body as motion, projecting it-self as formless space, space without 
perspective, intensive space, with no predefined quantifiable scales, but 
rather with endless qualitative differetial potentials: a 
space-without-extension, a space of pure intensity. The amorphous proximity is 
both alienating and absorbing operating in the constitutive frontiers of form 
and anatomy, gender and sex, intimacy and legibility. The formless body 
produces multiples sexes and sex-events in a becoming that never sediments into 
actual sexes: a metamorphogenesis. Sex/desire is understood as movement, 
affective relationality that traverses all kinds of human and non-human 
movement in a proliferation of never ending formless potential sexes that do 
not relate to the binary constructions of biological sex and gender, and at the 
same time may refer to them continuously, dissolving their constitutive 
anatomical boundaries.


The body thus intensifies its becoming as intensive architecture, as it is 
projected in propioceptive loops producing visual, sound, kinetic and proxemic 
space. The scale of the moving body is transformed, as time-space scale. The 
metabody/metasex as relational body of movement doesn't permit ontological 
differentiations between the analogue and the digital. 
Emergence/territorialisation or fight/gravitation happens at all levels in the 
interactions of forces, where no level is priori discreet (this includes the 
level of computation in interaction design).


This transposition aims at counteracting the effects of technologies of control 
that operate through the production of affect as contagious choreographies (of 
vision, of hearing, of gesture, of kinetics, of thinking, etc.) distributed 
globally via interfaces of different kinds (mouse and keyboard, screen, 
software, algorithms, texts, joystick, mobile phone, mp3, disco....) and in the 
form of ubiquitous images and sounds, that constitute the PanChoreographic as 
machine of affective production of bodies in late capitalism. 


The molecule will setup a workshop for experimenting with the production of 
such post-anatomical metabody-architecture-sexes and its possibilities as 
warfare for the proliferation of amorphous desire: in the streets, through the 
internet and across other media, liberating an antibody of form in the 
disciplinary-anatomical machines of production and simulation in digital 


Seeds and recipes related to this moelcule could contain instructions for the 
proliferation of such post-anatomical body-sex-architectures, or be living 
embodiments (performance/metaformance) of these.


Participants will be 3-10 from those regularly participating in the lab 
coordinated by Jaime del Val at MedialabMadrid, to which this molecule is 
associated, plus some others attending through an open call.


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