[dance-tech] Re: Urgent, looking for Dance-Tech African Choreographers

  • From: Armando Menicacci <armando@xxxxxxx>
  • To: Reseau DanceTech <dance-tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 02:51:30 +0100

Hello all,
Philippe Baudelot invited you to send proposals for the Choreographic Meetings of Carthage. I join him in his request. Time is running....

Beyond that, I wanted to say that (he forgot to mention) that I also am co-curating the festival, so please add my mail to his and put me in copy too. To be more specific, I've been asked to do a "Carte Blanche" wich means I'll supervise with Syhem Belkhodja, the artistic director of the festival, and in dialogue with Philippe, a parallel section of the Festival in which I'd love to invite some special projects that could establish a poetic dialog with arabic world and islam culture, but I'd love to show also projects that challange the notion of dance itself. So, if you are author or know about dance or performance works about these topics please share it with us.

Plus, I've been asked to imagine and organize a symposium and some workshop, but as many of you I'm a bit tired of symposiums where people don't meet, speech is superfast and there is never time for real questions and real answers.... So, if you have any idea to renew the form of the symposium please share it. I'll launch the thread in a next mail, so we can think about it even beyond the occasion. It would be interesting to me to think about a post symposium knowledge sharing gathering from scratch.

All will take place in Tunis May 1st to May 8th 2009....

All the best to all of you
Armando Menicacci  armando@xxxxxxx
Dierector of the Mediadanse Laboratory
Dance Department, Paris 8 University

On Jan 20, 2009, at 8:58 PM, Philippe Baudelot wrote:

Dear Dance-Tech list,

Choreographic Meetings of Carthage (http://www.printemps-danse.planet.tn/ ) are this year dedicated to digital and tech dance. It will happen in Tunis from may 1st to 8th.

We are looking for choreographic works and performances written, performed and created by African or North-African artists.

Send urgently your proposals (with technical sheet) to :

Syhem Belkodja, directrice artistique : nesselfen@xxxxxxx and 


Philippe Baudelot, co-directeur artistique : baudelot@xxxxxxxxxx

All the best

Philippe Baudelot

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