[dance-tech] The e-MobiLArt project: Deadline extension for Sunday, March 30th 2008

  • From: Veroniki Korakidou <vkorakidou@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: e-MobiLArt <emobilart@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 11:44:51 +0000 (GMT)

Dear all,
  I wish to announce to everyone, that the call for participation regarding the 
e-MobiLArt project has been extended for Sunday, March 30th 2008. 
  Please forward this information to anyone interested.
  Best regards,

  Veroniki Korakidou
UoA NT Lab
  e-MobiLArt: European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists
Call for artists and scientists
  European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists (e-MobiLArt) is a project 
tailored around the process of creating collaborative interactive installation 
artworks. Such interactive mediated environments may involve the use of 
multimodal interfaces, ubiquitous computing and mobile or locative media 
  The e-MobiLArt project aims to provide selected participants with an ideal 
context, that will allow them to travel, collaborate and exhibit their work. 
  During this project, artists and scientists who are active in creating 
interactive media art or pursuing innovative interdisciplinary research will 
have the opportunity to: 
  - create interactive installation artworks
- collaborate with other artists and scientists from different countries
- get technical support and tuition from experts on using innovative 
technologies for creating interactive art
- meet, discuss and collaborate with curators and museum organizers
- exhibit their work in at least two different European countries
- document their work in a special issue of Leonardo Electronic Almanac and the 
exhibition catalogue
- participate in an international network of artists, researchers, academics 
and theorists 
  Eligibility / requirements:
  Artists from all disciplines are encouraged to apply to e-MobiLArt: 
interactive installation artists, video artists, visual artists, net artists, 
as well as musicians, choreographers, performance artists and others who wish 
to experiment with the use of interactive technologies. 
  Individuals with a scientific background and the willingness to experiment in 
a collaborative artistic project, as described above, are also eligible. 
  Selected participants will attend three (3) workshops:
  - 1st Workshop: Athens, June 2008
- 2nd Workshop: Rovaniemi, August 2008
- 3rd Workshop: Vienna, February 2009
  During (and in between) the workshops, participants will work in groups in 
order to develop their projects by: 
  - Following an open process of artistic creation and experimentation
- Getting support on technical and theoretical issues
- Complementing each other's skills within an interdisciplinary, collaborative 
creative process
- Enhancing their technical skills through hands-on creative activity
- Creating artworks that will reflect the process of intercultural dialogue
- Participating in an on-line network of communication
    Workshop Dates :
  Athens: First week of June 2008 (duration: 5-6 days)
Rovaniemi: First week of August 2008 (duration: 5-6 days)
Vienna: February 2009 (more detailed info will be announced shortly)

  After the workshops, the resulting interactive installation artworks will be 
exhibited in at least two museum / gallery spaces: the State Museum of 
Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, Greece (possibly during the 2009 Biennale) 
and the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. 
  Exhibition Dates:
  Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland: Autumn 2009
State Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki, Greece: Autumn 2009

    Important Dates:

Application deadline: Sunday 30 March 2008
Notification of acceptance: Monday 14 April 2008
  Project partners and sponsors:
  The e-MobiLArt Project is under the support of the CULTURE 2007 Programme of 
the European Union. It is co-coordinated by the University of Athens (Greece). 
Co-organising partners are: the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Austria) and 
the University of Lapland (Finland). 
  Associate partners are: Leonardo/OLATS (France), Group Haute Ecole ICHEC 
Saint Louis (Belgium), State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki 
(Greece), The Academy of Fine Arts - Katowice (Poland) and Cycling74, Incube-X 
(U.S.A./ Canada).
  For more information you can download the full call in pdf format and fill in 
the on-line application form for your participation.
  Both can be found at:
URL: http://www.media.uoa.gr/emobilart
  Please, do not hesitate to contact emobilart@xxxxxxxxx for any further 

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