[dance-tech] The International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM): Mixed Reality Performance

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  • Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 02:35:00 -0500

Hi, all!
Apologies for cross-postings & hope some of you can join us online...

Mixed Reality Performance in Second Life & Real Life

part of the
The International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM)
Second Annual Conference: Building Bridges

Friday, 14 December
2-3pm EST / 20:00-21:00 GMT+1

online in Second Life: Funk Soup Theater, Gembong West, 31/75/551
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gembong%20West/31/75/551
and at Northwestern University School of Music, Lutkin Hall

First time in Second Life? Check out our SL help page: http:// funksoup.com/SL_help.htm
RSVP with your Second Life name: http://funksoup.com/RSVP.htm

A mixed-reality improvisation between performers in the virtual world of Second Life and performers in Real Life at the International Society of Improvised Music (ISIM). ISIM is an interdisciplinary conference that brings together performers, educators, researchers, students and community members from across the world, in an effort to recognize improvisation as a powerful tool for achieving this integration.

In this session, Second Life avatars will dance with improvised music from Real Life at ISIM. Real Life performers are Pauline Oliveros - electronics, harmonica & small instruments with spoken word artist Ione & dancer Heloise Gold. Second Life performance will feature animations and choreography by Josephine Dorado, John D. Mitchell, Edo Paulus, Christine Benham, Lauren Watson and Sean Nevin - performing from Arizona, New York, and Amsterdam. Images and sounds of the performers from Real Life will be projected into Second Life and vice versa, creating a mashup of real and virtual improv for both audiences.

Attendance is limited. Please RSVP and include your Second Life username

(first timers: see SL help page )


Spoken word: Ione
RL dancer: Heloise Gold
Electronics/harmonica/small instruments: Pauline Oliveros
Animations / Second Life dancers: Josephine Dorado, Edo Paulus and members of ADaPT (Association for Dance and Performance Telematics) ADaPT includes Arizona State University, Herberger College Dance: John D. Mitchell, Christine Benham, Lauren Watson; Virginia Piper School of Creative Writing: Sean Nevin
Tech Asst: Zevin Polzin



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