[dance-tech] Terms of engagement now and then?

  • From: Sarah Jane Pell <sarahjanepell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: DanceTech List <dance-tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 00:13:36 +1100 (EST)

At the risk of sounding ill-formed and naive I must ask what are the terms of 
engagement for dance-tech?
  Could this list accommodate compact and global laboratories in which 
operational test-beds for advancing new ideas, performance platforms and 
performer-audience spectra's occur and provide conversations in which in-depth 
analysis can begin before, or as, artists publish to live audiences, 
independent blog sites and on the conference circuit? Could this list actually 
embrace dance and technology in its very form and function?
  I agree with Johannes and Marlon, that this forum could benefit from 
rigorously coordinating participant research and active rejuvenation.body, 
space, time and technologies appropriate to each type of enquiry loosely 
associated with dance-tech. I apologise for my lapse in concentration too but I 
must ask again what are the terms of dance-tech engagement really about? 
Moreover, how could the dance-tech list evolve like/ with/ or as the art?
  To start with a strictly defined e-list formulae is to embed presumptuous 
limitations onto our discussion...so bring on your samples, 'casts, beams and 
streams I say, and reinvigorate the terms of engagement. I am certainly 
interested in the questions, the products, the actions and processes at play 
here and I am keen to have a discussion on what dance-tech might mean in 20 
years time. For instance, who is choreographing for the elderly, the unborn, 
space-farers and nanobots? What will dance-tech become outside of the hive I 
wonder? And have you seen Holmes comet?

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell
  Director/Founder, Aquabatics Australia
  Cell +61 (0)415 711 717
  Adjunct Lecturer, 
  School of Anatomy & Human Biology,
  University of Western Australia


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