[dance-tech] Tanzwerkstatt Munich and Linz

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 12:49:31 -0300

Hi all,

a brief commentary about the Tanzwerkstatt, 2-12. august, Munich:
Jerome Bel with the performance "Pichet Klunchun and myself" documents his encounter with
the young Thai dancer Pichet Klunchun, a master of the traditional Khon dance form.
Bel was so amazing "teaching" us why we continuosly looking for seeing "contemporary works",
and more fun it was the possiblity to see Bel dancing in the stage...a phylosopher of dance ideas...

just one work leads about digital technology, the "IBM 1401 - a user´s manual" of Erna Ómarsdottir and Johann Johannsson, so apocaliptcal text announced "computers will soon replace the human brain", and ask the audience "are we creating our own mechanical descendants that will replace us as the ruling species? Many react with horror" and proposed "to coexist with machines, we must learn to read user´s manuals"...ok! I will buy a manual about human body...

whatever, besides the performances, there was a so good exhibition of the workshops, with my body I realized that this event is so good to mix profesional and amateurs dancers, then in this way the dance become more close and more tangible to the persons, and the "german bodies" are not so worried about if they have beautiful shapes or not as the brazilian bodies...the german bodies just dance, without prejuices...

my surprise: the most contemporary movements that I saw in the workshop exhibition belong to the hiphop group, more than some famous contemporary coreographers that were there also offering workshop, I am just asking me why??

a question: anybody of the list will go to Linz´s Ars Eletronica??
31.08 until 05.09


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