[dance-tech] Re: Spain and more

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  • Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 01:23:52 -0000

Hallo Ludmila:

check the participants list of the Digital Cultures Lab, 


and you will notice several people working in Spain (Jaime del Val, Nuria 
Font). Marija 
Stamenkovic also works in dance and new media, she is based in Barcelona. I 
there are many others, who may not be enrolled in our list yet. Our current 
hovers around 150, we could expand this to 300 or 400 members, if you help to 
around the word about the dance tech list.

In terms of artists' lsiting, and their website or company location, it would 
be sweet if we 
updated the list that was once srated in the dtz (zone).

As to "formal" moderators, Yukihiko, i am not sure whether I have the time, or 
Mark, to 
be a formal moderator, We started up this list to have a quick and efficient 
group and platform for uncensored postings, done directly by members.  So far 
have had minimal interference from spam, and we we hope that this continues, 
and the 
list can be self-generative.  What do other think?

with regards
Johanes Birringer

Ludmila Pimentel <ludmilapimentel@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:

> hello all...
> I am looking for some participants in this list that work in Spain,
> I am living in Valencia, doing my doctoral at UPV, and it will be great to 
> know more about the works of you!!!!!
> Ludmila Pimentel


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