[dance-tech] Sensordance/ Lucy

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  • Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 00:18:39 +0200

Hmmm, yeah I was  hanging from a tree ... reverse pliè with the arms on the
branch, rather near to the center, no more than 20 meters distance from the
ground... I almost have the evidence (after trying out some time) that's how
they did it. And my fingers are curved after a while...

I am almost thinking it would be terrific to do some creative collective
writing on this list, let's say something like the argument for a piece on
Lucy? post-postmodern lucy? past-premodern-after-queer-ultra-meta-lucy?
transcendental and romantic lucy? metaphisical, pataphysical lucy? camp or
outrageous lucy? morphogenetic lucy?... (Oh... no CyberLucy, please...)


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But dear Jaime,
what an odd question at the end of your long post.

Lucy and her daugther could fly,  and dive.

Little thought they spent, I presume,  on specificities of learning
classical techniques. But I shall await further scientific evidence on that.



By the way, did Lucy dance classical ballet, or modern dance? I guess they
hadn't come to contact improvisation at the time and even less to konzept
Tanz.Though I guess she might have had a good release technique.


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