[dance-tech] STRIPPING THE SPACE new workshop!

  • From: Gosia Haduch <g.haduch@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 06:12:08 -0300

Stripping the Space–Dance Workshop  7-8-9 September '07
with Malgorzata Haduch 

Solebay Studio - Livornostraat 22hs, Amsterdam / 13:00-17:00 / 65 € (discounts 

Space is the starting point and main focus for this workshop. We consider space 
not as a passive container but an object of creation charged with energy. 

"Space gives joy and freedom of imagination, discovering its endlessness, its 
mysteries and metaphysics. It is the space giving birth to forms!" (Tadeusz 

This work is based on my experience in site-specific performances as well on my 
fascination for hyperspace. I am interested in applying my knowledge of these 
into performing arts, especially dance.

More info and registration:    malgorzatah@xxxxxxxxx    or 0648 50 7004

BIO Malgorzata Haduch – dancer and choreographer based in Amsterdam since 2001; 
graduated at School for New Dance Development. Malgorzata is choreographing 
solos (e.g. Mermaid at the bottom of the sea), group performances and 
developing site-specific projects (e.g. FIETSHOTEL; Blueprint of a vanished 
house). Malgorzata is working independently participating in and organizing 
instant composition and other cultural events in The Netherlands and abroad 
(Brazil, Chile, Japan, Poland).  She has been studying improvisation and 
composition with Katie Duck, Michael Schumacher, Miguel Gutierrzez, David 
Hernandez, Hooman Sharifi, and others, who contribute significantly to her 
experience as performer and teacher. Recently she was a guest choreographer at 
the Royal Scottish Academy Of Music and Drama in Glasgow. The experience of 
directing a large group of students through a 7 week creative process marked 
Malgorzata strongly.  It brought a significant shift for her artistic choices 
as well as for her pedagogy.

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