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  • From: Todd Ingalls <testcase@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 12:22:29 -0700

Please distribute to anyone you might think is interested.

Research Associate position available in movement, computation and digital 
media in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering [http://ame.asu.edu/] at 
Arizona State University.

Research focus themes: embodied interaction for rehabilitation and cultural 

Qualifications include:

•     Computational background in programming, interest in movement and/or 
theory of new media systems and art practices

•     excellent research and scholarly writing skills in the domains of new 
technology art and digital culture as well as an ability to do research in 
realms of scientific     literature, health and education.

•    Creative movement practice, background or critical interest for use in 
research, scholarly writing and development for system building for 
experiential media     systems [see AME website for further details]

•     Ability to work with transdisciplinary teams as well as produce 
individual work that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries in the arts 
and sciences.

•     Familiarity with studies and practices of embodiment [e.g. somatic 
practices and/or knowledge of kinetic, physiological, philosophical texts]

Specific duties and responsibilities: 

    ⁃    research and write for publication in scholarly journals in arts, 
media and science.

    ⁃    coordinate in the computational design and implementation of an 
overarching, hybrid approach to integrating systems building for arts practice  
   [see echo::system project www.echo-system.org]
   ⁃    assume a leadership role in the design and implementation of an 
overarching, hybrid approach to the development of movement schema [physical 
and     computational] and evaluation of Parkinson's' rehabilitation System and 
related programs.

    ⁃    coordinate and extend ongoing efforts that assess patients, tools and 
programs that integrate the arts, sciences and engineering

    ⁃     design new evaluation instruments that integrate computational models 
with both qualitative and quantitative measures

Appointment period:  Academic year appointment beginning in August 2010; 9 
month, full-time post-grad appointment.

Minimum degree requirements and specialty area:  
Minimum Master's degree in any of following disciplines;   Computer Science, 
Media Studies, Critical theory. Specialty area or background in movement; 
Creative Practice, Embodiment studies, Somatic Movement, Physical therapy, 

   ⁃    Please provide CV and two work samples of your choice for application 
to this position.

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