[dance-tech] Re: Proceedings/Papers from Digital Dance Library Event?

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  • Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 21:32:10 +0200

hallo Doug:

I am not sure there will be a recap or published papers of this event, let
us hear if someone from our community was involved or went to it

The Digital Dance Library: Learning and Planning for the Future
"A convening about the future of digital dance"
[Friday, September 23rd}

I only knew about it from the eSymposium "dancing in the digital age"
(archived on the culturethreads website), in which Mark Coniglio, Paul
Kaiser, Elizabeth Streb and others took part in.

Since our new list is in an early emergent stage, perhaps many of you who
have joined us in the last few days were not aware of this online forum:


take a look, and perhaps we can even have an after-discussion on the issues
that under debate.

welcome all to the new list !!

Johannes Birringer
c/o Interaktionslabor

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Subject: [dance-tech] Proceedings/Papers from Digital Dance Library Event?

I'm wondering if anybody knows if there will be recap of Digital Dance
Library event held September 23rd in New York:

It would be great if presentations or papers were made available online from
the participating speakers.

Doug Fox

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