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i n v i t a t i o n ::

The Center for Contemporary & Digital Performance at Brunel University is 
pleased to invite you to:


Wednesday, 03 December 2014, 4 PM - 5:30 PM
Drama Studio, Gaskell Building GASK 048, Brunel University,  Cleveland Rd, 
Uxbridge UB8 3PH

Holly Maples (Brunel University)

"Brother Abraham: Performing Experimental Democracy in Bill T. Jones' Lincoln 

During the 2009 Bicentenary of Abraham Lincoln, Ravinia Music Festival 
commissioned a series of African American artists to explore contemporary 
American culture through a tribute to the former U.S. President. 
Dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones was one of the artists selected. Over a 
period of two years, Jones researched and developed a series of performances on 
Lincoln which fuse the present and the past through their exploration of race, 
the subjugation of humanity and an increasingly polarized union. The Bill T. 
Jones/Ernie Zane company is a group of multi-racial, multi-ethnic modern dance 
artists who explore issues of race, collective identity, sexuality and the 
American Experience. By combining abstract modern dance with text from 
Lincoln’s own “biblical” and “Shakespearean” language, the project aims to 
interrogate issues of human rights, the role of the president in America today, 
the legacy of slavery, responsible citizenship and “American exceptionalism.” 
By exploring Lincoln’s legacy in the United States and the traumatic legacy of 
slavery on contemporary culture, Ravinia Music Festival hopes to challenge 
national audiences to examine their own place in Lincoln’s legacy through 
experimental art practice. This paper argues that  Jones/Zane Dance Company’s 
Lincoln project is in itself an act of embodied “experimental democracy,” 
encouraging Americans to continue their work towards redemption and collective 
healing as a nation.

Holly Maples is a Lecturer in Theatre at Brunel University. Both a theatre 
practitioner and a scholar, she has directed productions in the United States, 
Ireland and the United Kingdom. She trained at Central School of Speech and 
Drama and has a Ph.D. in Drama from Trinity College Dublin. Her research 
examines the performance of collective identity in times of social change. Her 
book, Culture War: Conflict, Commemoration and the Contemporary Abbey Theatre, 
was published in the Reimagining Ireland series (PeterLang).


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