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Brunel University

Autumn 2012 Series

Wednesday, November  21, 2012
Gaskell Bldg 048    Drama Studio
Cleveland Rd.  Uxbridge, West London


 Nathalie Soelmark
(Visiting Phd Researcher, University of Southern Denmark)

“Biotechnological intervention in the body”

This  presentation will offer insight into how the reproductively challenged 
perform their experience with biotechnology on YouTube and includes the 
screening of 2 video clips from YouTube (7-10 minutes). In what follows I am 
highlighting how these performances on YouTube display active and critically 
engaged individuals, in contrast to commonly held assumptions about 
biotechnology and the media embedding the autonomous  individual, in 
perceptions of the natural body not as an ideal but an appreciation of, and 
instance on a shared materiality. New reproduction  technology may very well 
erode what we believe as a shared, common and general being in relation- human 
and human body- with its transparent  biotechnological alterations of just that 
sensus communis. But I argue, that mediations on YouTube of experience with new 
reproduction technology and the biomedical perception of the body as object and 
subject as somatic themselves function as an individual expression of core 
concern with and emotional involvement in consequences of biotechnological 
intervention in the body e.g. dehumanization.

Nathalie W. Soelmark is a Ph.D. fellow at the Institute of Literature, Media, 
and Cultural Studies, University of Southern Denmark. Her research project; 
Transformation of Kinship: Mediated experiences of body, technology and kinship 
is a cultural study of connections between contemporary perceptions of the body 
and media-, bio-, and reproduction technology with a special focus on the 
consequences of these connections for the concept of kinship. Nathalie W. 
Soelmark has a Master in Culture and Communication from Southern University of 

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Prof. Johannes Birringer
Director, Center for Contemporary and Digital Performance
School of Arts
Brunel University
West London
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