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Brunel University

Autumn 2012 Series

Wednesday, November  7, 2012
Gaskell Bldg 048    Drama Studio
Cleveland Rd.  Uxbridge, West London


Susan Broadhurst
(Professor of Performance & Technology, Brunel University)

“Einstein on the Beach: A Study in Temporality”

In this paper, Prof. Broadhurst seeks to examine and analyze the sense of 
duration induced by performances of Einstein on the Beach, and the entailed 
sense of time which its internal structure creates. She will sketch out the 
stylistic context and artistic intentions of this work's creators, Glass and 
Wilson, and briefly describe the process of its creation. Certain features of 
this process indicate how the work may be interpreted.  Having cited the 
creators' thoughts on structure and temporality,  she addresses directly 
aspects of Einstein's temporal effects, comparing it to works of similar 
lengths. She will give the briefest synopsis of its staging and motifs, and  
then outline three kinds of devices which seem to inform our temporal sense of 
this work as spectators.  In the final section Broadhurst invokes two ideas 
which serve as analogies to help characterize this work's overall effect on us: 
Heidegger's notion of the "hermeneutic circle" and, more speculatively, 
Nietzsche's "theory" of Eternal Recurrence.

Susan Broadhurst is a writer and performance practitioner, and Professor of 
Performance and Technology in the School of Arts, Brunel University, London.  
She has published widely in the area of experimental performance and is Series 
co-editor for Palgrave's Studies in Performance and Technology.  She is also 
co-editor of the online journal Body, Space & Technology.

Entry: Open to All
Performance   Research Seminar Coordinator: Johannes Birringer
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Prof. Johannes Birringer
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