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Wednesday,  March 25, 2009
Research  Performance Seminar
Brunel University, West London
Gaskell Bldg 048/Drama Studio   16:oo pm

 Marko Ciciliani
(Bakin Zub / Brunel University)

<< Towards 'dirty light' ? light design in the context of musical composition >>

In his work as a composer, many of compositions of the past years incorporated 
light design as a visual component. When working with light, he is at first 
approaching it as an additional musical parameter, although an inaudible one.  
In his current research, he is investigating in how far sound and light are 
compatible with each other. They share some significant characteristics: both 
are projected from singular sources, both are forms of energy and both are 
abstract forms of art. At the same time, both have also have some significant 
differences ? for example in how our ears and eyes work and how our brain 
processes the incoming information. The biggest difference between the two is, 
however, that light is a medium with fixed boundaries. While music throughout 
history has constantly redefined it's 'vocabulary' by incorporating what has 
previously been conceived as noise, light as such does not offer a comparable 
flexible skin. From this perspective, Ciciliani approaches light as a 'symbolic 
form' in an art context, that contains interpretable signs. Under the metaphor 
'dirty light', he is working on developing ways to apply light that diverts 
from its presentation as a medium of incorporeal pureness.

Marko Ciciliani is a composer and electronic musician trained in New York, 
Hamburg and The Hague. He has written for a variety of settings, including 
orchestra, ensembles, solo works and sound installations, often using 
live-electronics and other media. His special interest in combining sound and 
light has led to many compositions using lighting and/or laser. In 2006, 
Ciciliani founded the ensemble Bakin Zub comprising five distinguished 
musicians. It serves as his main platform for the development


The  one hour Seminar talks and post-talk discussions are webcast live  (then 
archived) from our Brunel Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance  --  
available to anyone in the world interested in the subject.


We announce this as the beginning of a partnership between our Center and 
dance-techTV, and an experiment in collaborative video broadcasting (the 
channel is dedicated to interdisciplinary explorations of the performance of 
movement. The channel allows worldwide 24/7 linear broadcasting of selected 
programs, LIVE streaming and Video On-demand.


Johannes Birringer
Director, Center for Contemporary and Digital Performance
School of Arts
Brunel University
West London
UB8 3PH   UK
+44  (0)1895 267 343  (office)

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