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A message to all members of dance-tech.net

Hello network,
This is Marlon.
Following wise  suggestions, I placed all my on-line sharing accounts in my 
profile page and took out the  badge with  my picture and my name from all the  
I  think that it would be great to use this platform also to aggregate blogs  
(in any language) from members and non-members relevant  to our practices.
Please  send  or post their urls and I will include them in the feeds in the 
left side bar.
I have also added new questions for your profiles and eliminated the one about 
marital status.  Sorry!
I would like to  invite  all of you to offer feedback  and suggestions 
(publicly) about the functioning, philosophy and focus of this network. 
I believe that it is  an open communication and fearlessness that will makes us 
stronger. It is like a improvisation. We can dance together in this new clean 
stage. I am in this moment the administrator of the stage but you are its 
substance. In  the near future, I would like to share this role with interested 
members.  I also want  you to know that this experience with this platform it 
is part of my research and my investment in  this field as a researcher, so I 
am committed to maintain it, finds models for its support and share knowledge. 
OK,  I won't distract you with more administration emails unless it is totally 
necessary. Thank you again...login and continue  and share the dance!

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