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I attended the Digital Cultures Symposium held at Nottingham in December, which 
I enjoyed a great deal and,
as a theatre practitioner and academic sat amongst dance and digital artists, I 
felt I learned a lot and joined the
Dance-tech to keep in touch with your debates.

I have taken the liberty of asking Rodopi to offer to the Dance-tech list a 
discount on a new publication,
Intermediality in theatre and performance, which came out last week.  The 
discount is available for all
DANCE-TECH members and will last for one month from this date.  I hope that it 
might resonate with
your areas of expertise and that some of you might find it helpful.
best wishes
Freda Chapple

Intermediality in Theatre and Performance.

IFTR/FIRT. Theatre and Intermediality Working Group.

Edited by Freda Chapple and Chiel Kattenbelt.

Amsterdam/New York, NY 2006. 266 pp. (Themes in Theatre 2)

ISBN: 90-420-1629-9 ? 54,-/US$ 68,-

Special offer: -30% ? 38,-/US$ 48,-

Intermediality: the incorporation of digital technology into theatre  practice, 
and the
presence of film, television and digital media in  contemporary theatre is a 
feature of twentieth-century  performance. Presented here for the first time is 
a major
collection of  essays, written by the Theatre and Intermediality Research Group 
the International Federation for Theatre Research, which assesses  
intermediality in
theatre and performance. The book draws on the  history of ideas to present a
concept of intermediality as an  integration of thoughts and medial processes, 
and it
locates  intermediality at the inter-sections situated in-between the  
performers, the
observers and the confluence of media, medial spaces  and art forms involved in
performance at a particular moment in  time. Referencing examples from
contemporary theatre, cinema,  television, opera, dance and puppet theatre, the 
puts forward a  thesis that the intermedial is a space where the boundaries 
soften and
we are in-between and within a mixing of space, media and realities,  with 
providing the staging space for intermediality. The book  places theatre and
performance at the heart of the ?new media? debate  and will be of keen 
interest to
students, with clear relevance to  undergraduates and post- graduates in Theatre
Studies and Film and  Media Studies, as well as the theatre research community.

 Rodopi offers a special 30% discount on this title. This discount is  valid 
for one
month following the publication of the book.  Please  order via Rodopi and not 
SCUDD list.  If anyone would like to  know more about the book, then please feel
free to contact me on:  f.m.chapple@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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best wishes
Freda Chapple
Programme Director, English Studies and Performing Arts
University of Sheffield
Institute for Lifelong Learning, School of Education,
196-198 West Street, Sheffield, S1 4ET
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