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Programmed and Organised by the Goldsmiths Digital Studios.
Supported by the Goldsmiths Graduate School and the Department of Computing.
Joe Banks: Disinformation - Research, Development, and Experimental Painting

*Date: *5 February 2009*
Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building
Time: 18:00 - 20:00*

*The Disinformation art project was conceived in 1995 as a strategic extrapolation of the modes of 
production associated with underground experimental music and electronic noise (considered as a 
highly specialised, esoteric, and sometimes confrontational form of popular culture) into the 
territory associated with more conventional forms of visual fine art and "high" culture. 
The conceptual axis-of-transit for extrapolating forms of activity more often located in (for 
instance) uneasy intersections between ambient, acid house, punk music and fringe arts cultures, 
lay in considering noise as a manifestation of transmitted energy, and therefore as a medium of 
kinetic art. In methodological terms, the main practical manifestation of this strategy lay in the 
use of sound art as a means to "recruit" portions of the electromagnetic spectrum that, 
prior to the invention of radio, were not available for use by artists in the familiar palette of 
frequencies, which are reflected by paint as forms of visible light.

The purpose of this presentation is to describe and illustrate the evolution of these ideas and methods, primarily with reference to recorded 
performance and installation footage. The presentation ends with a short performance of a piece called "Circuit Blasting", conceived by 
Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor, which is realised as a collaboration between Strange Attractor and Disinformation. "Circuit Blasting" 
is an "affectionate parody" of an established method for creating experimental music, called "Circuit Bending". In "Circuit 
Bending" musicians subtly re-wire electronic instruments and sound-producing toys to produce unexpected and original combinations of sounds. In 
"Circuit Blasting" these devices are instead simply subjected to 10-30 kilovolt electric shocks, with the "artists" and audience 
simply hanging around to find out what happens next.

The "Rorschach Audio" project has been endowed as a 5 year AHRC Fellowship in 
the Creative and Performing Arts, in the Department of Computing, Goldsmiths.


*1. Giorgos Artopoulos & Eduardo Condorcet: The House of Affects Project. 
/Correlating Digitally Distributed Narrative to Adaptable Spaces/

19 February 2009*
Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building
Time: 18:00 - 20:00

The House of Affects is an interactive audiovisual environment aiming to use several video projections in a dark room.

*2. Arthur Elsenaar: Fundamentals of the Computer-controlled Human Face as a 
Medium for Kinetic Art.*
5 March 2000*
Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building Time: 18:00 - 20:00 Controlling the human face by a computer instead of the brain can make the face perform in unexpected and often surprising ways.

*3. Derek Holzer: TONEWHEELS: Experiments in Opto-Electronic Synthesis and 
Graphical Sound [TBC]
*19 March 2009*
Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building
Time: 18:00 - 20:00

TONEWHEELS is an experiment in converting graphical imagery to sound, inspired by some of the pioneering 20th Century electronic music instruments such as the Variophone [Evgeny Scholpo (USSR) 1930], the Welte Light-Tone Organ [Edwin Emil Welte (DE) 1936], the ANS Synthesizer [Evgeny Murzin (USSR) 1958], and the Oramics system [Daphne Oram (UK) 1959].

*4. Rachel Armstrong: Bio Feminism: Move Over Darwin
   Respondent: Joanna Zylinska

26 March 2009*
Location: Seminar Rooms, Ben Pimlott Building
Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Bio Feminist science promotes the treacherous biology of the cyborg challenging 
notions of aliveness, performing every transgressive act possible within 
autopoietic systems at a molecular level and redefining our view of evolution.

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Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka maria x] PhD Art and Computational Technologies Goldsmiths Digital Studios skype: mariax_gr www.cybertheater.org

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