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  • Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 21:47:34 +0100

Hello all:

thanks, Doug, for sharing this new Resouce Guide with us, I am sure we are all 
benefitting from expansion of our information network and resources! 

We had a discussion about this, some while ago, and suggestions were made to 
use our own resources (given the international nature of this list) to maken 
sure we can (if this is desired) build resource platforms that connect all 
continents, perhaps also through a few strategic links on this list's webpage, 
links that provide information about events/performances,labs and conferences 
in Latin America, eastern Europe, the Asian countries, Australia/NZ and Africa. 

I was at a workshop this week (PACT, Essen) where in conversations with curator 
Galia Dimitrova from Sofia's Interspace Media Center (Bulgaria) I was made of 
aware of a number of very interesting projects that are happening there, and 
which we rarely hear about. 

info:  www.i-space.org

I add a couple of announcements of new works being shown in England and Germany:

--  performance:  "Miss Mobile" by Emil Hrvatin, to take place on the 7th and 
8th of October at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, UK as part of 
the programme presenting the latest projects by Slovenian artists in order to 
offer a cross section of recent cultural creativity in Slovenia.
>>Miss Mobile is an interactive performance, during which a virtual community 
>>is formed together with the viewers and those who participate in the 
>>performance from a distance. The latter become central protagonists of the 
>>event, which problematizes modern construction of the media reality, based on 
>>exposing one's intimacy in public. Miss Mobile reveals how shows like Big 
>>Brother, Jerry Springer Show and Oprah Show vulgarize the notion of democracy 
>>by offering everyone their own 15 minutes of fame. These highly manipulative 
>>programs turn these totalitarian, panopticum-like situations into 
>>entertainment and mask the elements of control, which are inherently 
>>inscribed in highly developed modern societies. Miss Mobile is an event which 
>>combines the elements of talk shows, quizes, multimedia art and visual 
>>installations. It's a performance which turns the mechanisms of mass 
>>popularity shows and their manipulative effects upside down and inside out.>>

The performance Miss Mobile is produced by Maska Ljubljana, Institute for 
publishing, production and education. 

"PUUR" , by WIM VANDEKEYBUS  / ULTIMA VEZ , October 6 - 9,  PACT - 
Choreographic Center NRW, Essen, Germany
Inspired by myths and stories about the killing of infants and innocents,  
Vandekeybus creates a timeless, fictional, yet universal story about living in 
isolation, the alienation of the outside world and about loss and the pain that 
it brings. Who is the saviour of our world? Who is the prophet today and  what 
does he proclaim? Is the Messiah a hero or a coward? Innovatively combining   
video and film with the story that is being played out on stage, a dialogue  
between reality and the virtual evolves... 
(Premiere 27. May 2005, Singapore Arts Festival )>>.

info:  http://www.pact-zollverein.de/

I saw Vandekeybus's piece last night, it's 125 minutes long, and wipes you out, 
A fascinating dance/ film work.

Johannes Birringer

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Subject: [dance-tech]  New Dance and Technology Resource Guide
I've just launched a new Dance and Technology Resource Guide with about 200


I'm sure there are many more resources to add. Once you take a look at the
guide, please feel free to recommend new links, or edits to existing links.

Thanks to Johannes Birringer and the others who created this list for making
this resource available.

Doug Fox

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