[dance-tech] Net vs. Net Quint-located Concert Today

  • From: Franziska Schroeder <f.schroeder@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 11:54:41 +0100

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 "Net vs. Net Collective" networked concert involving 5 sites:

The "Net vs. Net Collective" presents a networked concert with music
composed and performed by several of the most prominent practitioners
of the art of network music around the world. Remote acoustics,
distributed animated scores, virtual worlds and mechanical remotely
controlled pianos are among the repertoire. Several interconnected
ensembles of acoustic and electronic instruments will take place in
this unique transcontinental event. Several years of research by the
SoundWIRE group at CCRMA, Stanford University, powers up the
technology and the music of this concert. Pieces by Pauline Oliveros
(New York), Chris Chafe (Banff, Canada) Pedro Rebelo, Franziska
Schroeder, Justin Yang (Belfast), Mark Applebaum, Juan-Pablo Caceres,
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Robert Hamilton (Stanford) and Alain Renaud
(Bournemouth, UK) will be featured.

This time the collective includes:
@CCRMA, Stanford CA: Chrissie Nanou | Rob Hamilton | Diana Siwiak |
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano | Mark Applebaum | Carr Wilkerson | Alain
Renaud | Juan Pablo Caceres
@Banff, Canada: Chris Chafe | Simon Rose
@RPI, NY: Pauline Oliveros | Jonas Braasch | Cristyn Magnus
@SARC, Belfast: Justin Yang | Franziska Schroeder | Pedro Rebelo
@Santiago, Chile: Mario Mora | Rolando Cori


You can listen to the concert online at 20:30 UK Time

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