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LEMUR News at a Glance

* GamelaTron @ Make Music New York, June 21st
* Special Ballet Mécanique performance, June 22nd
* LEMURtron exhibit rocks Pittsburgh Kids
* ReSiDeNt returns in XJXuXlXyX August, excuses below
* Summer classes begin soon, really


LEMUR and Harvestworks present Zemi17 and GamelaTron

As part of Make Music New York, this weekend's free outdoor music festival, Zemi17 (Taylor Kuffner) will perform on the GamelaTron, the first fully-robotic gamelan orchestra. Imagine 17 Indonesian gamelan musicians condensed into the brain of one Zemi17!

Zemi17 will be conducting the GamelaTron via laptop and through three suites of new music totaling about 45 minutes. The presentation will be a mix of traditional Indonesian music, transposing classic modal structures, fused with techno rhythmic sensibility and a unique melodic combination of three different tonal scales (Javenese 7 note Pelog, Balinese 5 note Pelog and Balinese five-note selendro).

Forecast is for sun over lower Manhattan, torrential rainstorms everywhere else, so come enjoy the weather and check out the show.

GamelaTron @ Make Music New York
Saturday, June 21, 1 pm
Petrosino Square (at Kenmare and Lafayette Streets)
followed by Joshua Fried's Radio Wonderland + Val-Inc
See http://gamelatron.com for more info


Ballet Mécanique at Frequency Hopping

Follow a special evening performance this Sunday of the Hourglass Group's new play Frequency Hopping, Paul Lehrman and LEMUR will present Ballet Mécanique, George Antheil's mind-breaking 1924 work for sychronized player pianos and lots and lots of percussion. It will be performed by eight Yamaha Disklaver player pianos and an array of LEMUR percussion robots including two xylophones, four bass drums, a gong, a siren, seven doorbells and three "airplane propellors". It will also be accompanied by the collaborative film of the same title by Fernand Lèger.

This will be your last chance to see this amazing piece in New York City until you hire us to do it at your museum, gallery or performance space.

Frequency Hopping/Ballet Mécanique
Sunday, June 22
3LD Art & Technology Center
80 Greenwich St, NYC
For info and tickets, visit http://www.hourglassgroup.org/frequency.html
and scroll down to "Performances May 29 - June 29"


LEMURtron at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

LEMURtron, our musical-robot-live-video-interactive-video-tracking installation, is now running through September 7th. And it's pretty amazing, if we say so ourselves...and we do. LEMURtron features over 20 musical robots, very cool interactive video projections by Luke DuBois, and a top-secret video tracking camera that lets you kick the video around and play the robots.

If you live in Pittsburgh, check it out and bring your kids, your friends and your friends' kids. Guaranteed to be fun for adults too. If you don't, why not make a trip of it and grab a Primante's sandwich and some O's fries while you're there.

Pittsburgh Children's Museum
Allegheny Square, Pittsburgh, PA


ReSiDeNt Returns in August...Really

After a XtXwXoX three-month hiatus, ReSiDeNt, LEMUR's monthly creator-in-residence program returns in August. Why not July? Two reasons:

1) ReSiDeNt is now funded, thanks to a Greenwall grant! Each participating artist will receive an artist fee. Info on this will be posted soon on LEMUR's site. Since money talks, we want to give more time for submissions for the next round.

2) OK, the real reason - we're fresh out of robots, having sent them to the two aforementioned shows. But fear not: we're fastly and furiously building a whole *new* set of robots, which will be ready by August.

One more thing: Since four out of five NYC residents surveyed said they'll be at Burning Man on the last Friday in August, we'll be moving the August ReSiDeNt show to the next Friday, September 5th

Applications for this and future ReSiDeNt months are now open. Submissions for August are open through July 15th. Artists from all performing and installation disciplines are encouraged to apply to ReSiDeNt, including musicians, composers, dancers, choreographers, video artists, interactive installation artists, performance artists, multimedia artists and others. To learn about applying to ReSiDeNt, visit http://lemurbots.org/resident.html. Deadlines are rolling, and decisions are made shortly after the 15th of each month for the following month's residencies.


Summer Classes

Summer classes will be announced XnXeXxXt XwXeXeXkX really soon and will begin later in June (or maybe July). LEMUR will be running a full complement of classes in sensors, robotics, microprocessors, interfacing and more. If you're not already on it, please sign on to our email list at http://lemurbots.org to receive the class announcement and future LEMUR news.

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