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Hello to all

Just a brief note about MoveStream

Produced and presented by Jeannette Ginslov.
A Walking Gusto and www.dance-techTV  co-production.
See: http://www.dance-tech.net/profile/MoveStream

Launched online 30 June 2010.

MoveStream is a quarterly online Screendance networked platform and
showcase. Selected Screendance works are curated under a certain theme. The
filmmakers and/or choreographers of the Screendance works are interviewed
and then uploaded on the dance-techTV - You Tube Channel, Blip TV and Live
Stream. With the use of annotations the interviews and clips of the artist’s
works are linked to one another. This invites the viewer to actively engage
in the selection of their viewing experience by extending the information
over the net in a rhizomatic manner. This will encourage a much needed flow
and exchange in Screendance discourse.

MoveStream 01 - Introduction to MoveStream by Jeannette Ginslov &
Main annotated video:

Other interviews connected to the one above:
Interview with Kai Lossgott - Walking in Plastic

Interview with Mlu Zondi - Despotica

Interview with Alla Kovgan - Nora

Launch of Screen Moves

Logo: http://www.beantheredonethat.co.uk/
Co-produced with: http://www.dance-tech.netTV
MoveStream page on dance-tech.net:

1) To produce and present every three to four months an online showcase
dedicated to Screendance
2) To create online interviews and video clips of Screendance works
3) To encourage the viewer to use annotated online platforms in order to
source more material and knowledge about the topic rhizomatically
4) To encourage the use of the online platforms as an outlet for Screendance
work – online TV experience.
5) To select a theme for the quarterly platform to foster curatorial
6) To select and feature an outstanding Screendance work, clip or
documentary, that embraces the theme
7) To showcase a well known or emerging Screendance maker that has produced
an outstanding Screendance work
8) To record an interview with the Screendance maker
9) To invite online viewers to post questions and comments to the presenter
and/or creator of the Screendance work on the blog at dance-tech.net
10) To post these online requests and responses for future reference,
archives and research
11) To archive the clips for research and cultural heritage purposes
12) To network with other Screendance festivals and programmers/curators

1) To provide a human interface with online Screendance presentations
2) Grow and develop online viewership and platforms for Screendance
3) To highlight and promote outstanding Screendance work to a wider
international audience
4) Invigorate the Screedance art form placing it on a contemporary,
accessible and appropriate platform – the internet
5) Keep dance abreast with other modes of entertainment available on the internet
6) Have the presentation and Screendance work available anywhere anytime
7) Facilitate cultural exchange, encourage lively discussion and debate online
8) Add to the present day research on Screendance
9) Bring to light the ontologies inherent in Screendance
10) Improve and supplement the discourse surrounding the ontologies in the
featured Screendance work and Screendance in general
11) Inspire and encourage future Screendance makers to consider these ontologies 12) Grow and improve the role of the presenter and curator of Screendance presentations
13) Grow and improve the role of Screendance entrepreneurship
14) Grow the network of Screendance festivals and programmers/curator

Jeannette Ginslov
MSc Media Arts & Imaging - Screendance Dundee University Scotland
MA Choreography Rhodes University South Africa
Artistic Director -  Walking Gusto Productions
Curator - montage | ScreenMoves | MoveStream

Skype: jeannette.ginslov

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