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hello all:

In this mail, and another one following [describing the workshops] , we'll 
publish announcements regarding the forthcoming Monaco Dance Forum 2006,  one 
of the major international events in our extended community of artists. 
practitioners and researchers in dance / performance technologies:

A n n o u n c e m e n t :

2 0 0 6       -         7 - 1 6 d é c e m b r e
4 E M E    B I E N N A L E     I N T E R N AT I O N A L E    D E     D A N S E  
 D E     M O N A C O
La quatrième Biennale de Danse de Monaco affirme, plus que
jamais, son ouverture au public en invitant des artistes venant du
Mozambique, du Burkina Faso, des Etats-Unis, de France, du
Québec, de Nouvelle-Calédonie, d?Italie, d?Espagne pour huit jours de
rencontres, de spectacles et de fêtes en Principauté. Vingt quatre
compagnies présentes à Monaco, des stages de danse africaine
contemporaine, danse indienne, hip hop. Haut lieu des rencontres
professionnelles internationales en danse numérique, Monaco Dance
Forum souhaite aussi familiariser le public avec ces technologies et
ces nouvelles esthétiques en lui proposant des ateliers, des visites
guidées, des rencontres avec les artistes. Un autre goût de la danse.

7 - 16  December,  2006

Now in its 4th season, the Monaco International Dance Biennial is again
proud to renew its commitment to the public by inviting artists from
Mozambique, Burkina Faso, the United States, France, Quebec, New
Caledonia, Italy, and Spain for eight days of encounters, performances
and festivities in the Principality. Twenty-four companies will make the
journey to Monaco, offering workshops in contemporary African and
Indian dance, and hip hop. One of the most important international
gatherings for professionals in Digital Dance, Monaco Dance Forum
also has a role in familiarizing the public with these technologies and
new esthetics by proposing workshops, guided tours and encounters
with artists. Sharing another taste for dance.

 f r o m  t h e  p r o g r a m   e  d i t o r i a l :

2006 marks a step for Monaco Dance Forum in the field of digital dance. However 
even if the
terminology fits and has taken the entire spectrum of dance by storm, 
many.artists, as our study
reveals, regard the terminology as irrelevant. The same applies to the public. 
Also, Monaco Dance
Forum chose to no longer present technologies as tools at the service of 
artists in order to not
propose questioning subject artists with respect to these tools and the new 
artistic dimension
which they create.

This is why the programming no longer distinguishes any works that one could 
qualify as digital
from the others. From Trisha Brown to Bill T Jones, from Frank II Louise, to 
Carolyn Carlson, from
Jayachandran Palazhy to Anna Ventura, these are works that we wanted to propose 
without even
asking the question of their nature. The same applies to the installations that 
we chose. N + N
Corsino, Jaime LED Valley, Anna Ventura and TPO initially created universes 
which we are invited
to explore, worlds in which we melt, revealing that the body can be sound and 
light, and thus can
be a means of materializing a dream.

For their part, the workshops will be the occasion for professionals to raise 
questions, witness, and
meet. These workshops will make it possible to approach the choreographers? 
works artistically
as well as technologically. For, when dealing digitally, art is really what?s 
it is about, revealing the
connection with the digital realm. It is the poetic path that this art form 
takes; it is thus a reality
that enables us to explore with all our senses.

Lastly, in maintaining its traditional Projects Appeal, Monaco Dance Forum 
chose to grant a Monaco
Dance Forum digital dance award. Organizations of international renown like 
SACD, Arizona State University, the National Choreographic Center of 
Aix-en-Provence and the
Monegasque company SOGEDA thus joined us this year. This evolution will make it 
possible to accentuate,
at the same time, the relevance of this initiative, the visibility of the 
artists and to support
the production of works by the prize winners.

For the artists and the public, digital technology rapidly became the tool for 
the creation of sound
and light as it was supposed to be... It must be used, however, to serve the 
total artistic project and
not just for effect. Everyone agrees that to qualify a dance as digital is no 
longer relevant because
the choreographers use digital tools the same way when they started to work 
with pointes two
centuries ago... Dance is an art which has the capacity to absorb all the 
materials which open it to
other possibilities. It is thus a question of the writing of the dance, the 
representation of the movement,
its rapport with our own images, our bodies, and by its virtual representation, 
a physical
reality forming new spaces and invading other imaginary ones. Always and in the 
end, dance is
what it?s all about.

Philippe Baudelot
Digital Dance and Multimedia

Preview:  Workshops:

Monaco Dance Forum
4, rue des Iris,
MC 98000 Monaco
+ 377 97 70 65 20
+ 377 97 70 65 21
Lieux de la manifestation :
CCAM Auditorium Rainier III
Bd Louis II
98000 Monaco
+377 93 10 84 00
Grimaldi Forum
10, avenue Princesse Grace
98001 Monaco Cedex
+377 99 99 20 00
Opéra de Monte-Carlo
Place du Casino - Monaco
+377 92 16 23 18
Sporting d?Hiver
Place du Casino - Monaco
+377 98 06 36 36
Théâtre de Fontvieille
(salle du Canton)
7 Terrasses Fontvieille - Monaco
+ 377 93 10 12 10
Théâtre de la Licorne
25 av Francis Tonner
06150 Cannes
+0033 4 93 48 97 34
Théâtre Lino Ventura
168, Bd de l?Ariane
06300 Nice
Tel : 04 97 00 10 70
Théâtre Princesse Grace
12 avenue Ostende - Monaco
Tel : +977 93 50 03 45
Théâtre des Variétés
1, Boulevard Albert Ier - Monaco
Tel + 377 93 25 67 84
Hôtel Hermitage
Square Beaumarchais - Monaco
Tel + 377 98 06 25 25
Hôtel Marriott
Port cap d?Ail
06320 Cap d?Ail
Tel : 04 92 10 67 67
Hôtel de Paris
Place du Casino - Monaco
Tel + 377 98 06 25 25
Bookings :
(from 25th of September 2006)
Grimaldi Forum
10, avenue Princesse Grace
98001 Monaco Cedex
Tel : (00) 377 99 99 20 00
Box office FNAC
Box office CARREFOUR

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