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Hello from TOKYO.

Here is information on Monaco Dance Forum.

Warmest Regards,
Yukihiko YOSHIDA

4th Monaco International Dance Biennial
7 to 16 December 2006

Monaco Dance Forum was born in 2000 with the support of the government of
the Principality. The first editions were held in the recently constructed
Grimaldi Forum; however, the event’s continued success has required 
other locations in the Principality. For the fourth edition, several new
sites will join the Grimaldi Forum in welcoming performances: the H?tel de
Paris and the Hermitage Hotel, the Monte-Carlo Opera, the Sporting 
the Salle du Canton and the Variety Theater, the Port, and the CCAM will be
so many gorgeous venues for extraordinary choreographic spectacles,
surprising encounters, and inspiring workshops.

Once again, this international festival and its accompanying professional
forum will be prolific, overflowing with artists’ projects. For the 2006
edition, the festival has been placed under the sign of the Medusa.
Luminosity, fluidity, movement, vibration, strangeness, beauty-- the Medusa
electrifies its world and seduces onlookers more than it inspires fear. Just
as contemporary dance becomes more interesting as the eye learns to see
beyond conventions and pre-conceived notions, so we hope to guide the
spectator toward unknown universes where artists shall be their guides.

Although it is professionally oriented to reach out internationally, Monaco
Dance Forum is also pursuing and developing its relationships with the
various cultural structures of Monaco and France (Soci?t? des Bains de Mer,
Ecole Sup?rieure des Beaux Arts of Monaco, Education Nationale, Logoscope,
Direction des Affaires culturelles, Arcade/PACA), as with the public, in
order to make this event a veritably collective adventure, shared by all.

The activities, particularly those targeting the young, have been conceived
as tools for dialogue and vision expansion. Encounters with artists,
theoretical and practical workshops, open dance classes are organized to
allow numerous and diverse audiences to participate in the event. The
festival’s role as a pedagogical showcase means that the most recent
developments in applied technology will be available to all: not only
forward-looking professionals, but also neophytes and enlightened amateurs.
For three days this vast and varied audience will be able to watch the
auditioning of 80 dancers from the young ballets of Senegal, the Czech
Republic, Italy and Hong Kong.

A vast choice of spectacles

To answer the demand expressed during its previous edition,
Monaco Dance Forum has extended both its duration and its scope. From the
solo offering a relationship of proximity with the artists, to the large
stages of the Grimaldi Forum or the Op?ra de Monte-Carlo, and including some
more intimate and surprising venues, more than twenty performances
encompassing a spectrum of divergent esthetics and formats will represent
the state of dance in today’s world?: USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Senegal,
France, Mozambique, New Caledonia, Spain, the Netherlands, the Czech
Republic, Italy… With 25 companies, 200 invited artists, and 27 events,
dance makes the scene in Monaco.

Participating in this momentum, the associated or partnered theaters of the
neighboring Alpes Maritimes department in France (Th??tre National de Nice,
Th??tre de Grasse, Th??tre Lino Ventura/Nice, Th??tre de La Licorne/Cannes)
as well as the Compagnies de Provence-Alpes-C?te d’Azur bring their
artistic contribution to these ten days committed to sharing the art of

Guest Performances

Fluxs ou les d?ambulations de Rico by Jean Gaudin (France), Solo by Nolwenn
Daniel (France), Solo by Mina Tervamaki (Finland), Echapp?e by Ahmed Kh?mis
(Marocco), Dans le Jardin by Micha?l Schumacher (USA), Drop it and
Konnecting Souls by Franck ll Louise (France), Gyrations of Barbarous Tribes
by Kubilai Khan Investigations (France/Mozambique), Djan-Djo and C’est ?
Dire by Salia n? Seydou (Burkina Faso), Transports exceptionnels by
Dominique Boivin (France), D’Anna Chronique…Pavlova moi by Anna 
(France), 4’30 by Herv? Koubi (France), Purusharta by Jay Palazhy
(India),Les Damn?s by Najib Guerfi (France/New Caledonia), How long does…
by Trisha Brown (USA), Double Vision by Carolyn Carlson and Electronic
Shadow (France), Cobalt Rouge by Louise Le Cavalier (Canada), La Cit?
Radieuse by Fr?d?ric Flamand (Ballet National of Marseille, France), P?plum
by Nasser Martin-Gousset (France), 22. by Bill T. Jones (USA), Farruquito
and Family (Spain). Show-cases ARCADE by Compagnies de Provence-Alpes-C?te

Digital installations

Playful, interactive, rarefied, they evoke the marvelous. Digital
installations are the latest development in art, and Monaco Dance Forum,
which has for the past six years distinguished itself in the field of dance
and new technologies, has chosen to showcase them in the majestic setting of
the Sporting d’Hiver. For ten days the public is invited to visit these
fascinating new choreographic environments in a grand tour of today’s new
media landscape.

4 permanent installations: Seule avec Loup by Nicole and Norbert Corsino
(France), Annaphorique(s) by Anna Ventura (France), Umbrales by Jaime Del
Val (Spain), Le jardin japonais TPO/Teatro Metastasio Stabille della
Toscana ? CCC (Italy).

Monaco Dance Forum Prizes

A ? The Nijnsky awards

These awards honor the artists who have distinguished themselves during the
2005-2006 dance season. They testify to the Monaco Dance Forum’s 
commitment to the place of dance in the lively arts, and offer a showcase
for contemporary creation from the world over. This year, on December 7th,
the ceremony will take place in lavish d?cor of the Garnier Opera House in
Monte-Carlo, and will be sponsored by Chanel, whose support of these
trophies has been uninterrupted since their inception.

B ? The Digital Dance awards

Created in partnership with other prestigious institutions, the Digital
Dance Awards aim to promote innovation in the domain of digital dance and to
reward the creativity of young choreographers by helping them produce or
distribute their work. Prizes will be give to the best digital dance
projects chosen among 110 projects from 33 countries.

The jury is composed of: Jacques Attali, writer and economist, Monique
Savoie, president and founder of the Soci?t? des Arts Technologiques
(Qu?bec), Angelin Preljocaj, choreographer and director of the
Aix-en-Provence Center for Choreographic Development, and Leonel Brum,
coordinator of the Mercosur Videodance Circuit (Brazil). They have selected
20 projects to be presented by their authors in Monaco. Four of these will
receive awards from Arizona State University (ASU), the SOGEDA and the
Centre Chor?graphique National d’Aix-en-Provence.

C - A ?UNESCO prize for Digital Arts? dedicated to dance

UNESCO (United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture) was
born on November 16th, 1945, with the mandate to participate in the
construction of peaceful ideals through education, science, culture and
communication. Presently, this international organization functions as a
laboratory for ideas and a catalyst to development in these domains. In
addition, it is a key structure for disseminating information to member
States to help them build up their human and institutional potential in the
realms of education, science and culture.

It is in this spirit that the Monaco Dance Forum welcomes the ? UNESCO
awards for Digital Arts? to its 2006 edition. These awards, created by the
UNESCO to reward and encourate outstanding creative work by young artists in
the visual and lively arts. The prizes are awarded on the occasion of
international cultural and artistic events. This year the ?UNESCO awards for
Digital Arts? will have dance as its theme.

An international jury organized under the auspices of the honorary
president, H.R.H., the Princess of Hanover, UNESCO good will ambassador,
will select the winner from amongst the 20 projects selected by the Jury of
Monaco Dance Forum, and bestow upon it the ??UNESCO prize for Digital Arts?.

The awards ceremony for the ??UNESCO prize for Digital Arts? will take place
in Monaco this year, at the same time as the other prizes awarded during the
Monaco Dance Forum. It will take place Saturday December 16th at the
Sporting d’Hiver, in the presence of H.R.H., the Princess of Hanover,
Ko?chiro Matsuura, Director General of UNESCO, of Jean-Christophe Maillot,
president of the Monaco Dance Forum, choreographer, and Director of the
Ballets de Monte-Carlo, as well as representatives of the institutions
awarding the prize.

Arizona State University and Monaco Dance Forum

A enriching partnership has been concluded between Arizona State University
(ASU) et Monaco Dance Forum 2006. ASU will be represented by its Arts and
Media Engineering Department which, in collaboration with the MAC
corporation, originated the interactive system used in choreographies by
Trisha Brown and Bill T. Jones (December 13). In addition to the technical
realization of these performances, ASU will organize a workshop and offer a
year’s residency as one of the prizes offered by the Monaco Dance Forum.

ASU’s presence will be reinforced by the arrival of its president, 
Crow, in the company of a delegation from the Motion Analysis Corporation,
winner in 2005 of an Oscar award for its technical contribution to the
film??Lord of the Rings??.

Artists meet the public

In order to encourage exchange between artists and the public, Monaco Dance
Forum will organize events with Franck ll Louise, Seydou Boro, Najib Guerfi?
… Workshops in new technologies will initiate adults into the creative
process as they respond to the question ??How does it work????. The public
will be able to become familiar with the technologies used by professionals
through a unique view of the backstage workings the performances presented
at the Monaco Dance Forum. Younger audiences will have the opportunity to
explore these same technologies in the course of guided tours by the artists
of the installations presented in the Sporting d’Hiver.

Workshops and research

These workshops provide the opportunity for dance professionals to share
their knowledge, questions, and experiences with each other. The workshops
focus on the way choreographers handle artistic and technological
innovations: Sound and Muscle (December 11), A New Space for Dance (December
12), Dance as Writing with Light (December 13) and Using the Image as a
Partner for the Body (December14).

The Dance Atelier of the l’University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis’ 
Department will make a presentation about the most recent university work in
dance research in France (December 11 and 12).

The Junior Ballet Incentive: auditions, public performances, debates
With the support of the Princess Grace of Monaco Foundation.

Alternately spectacle, audition, and think tank, the Junior Ballet Incentive
allows directors and choreographers of dance companies to discern new talent
and future artists amongst 80 young dancers. Presented in a performance
context rather than a simple audition, the dancers will thus have the
possibility to show their artistic qualities as well as their technical
proficiency. The audition will be open to the public (December 12, 13 and 14
at 18h00).

Invited Junior Ballets: Hong Kong Academy, Ecole des Sables (Senegal), Young
Ballet of Prague, Young Ballet of Florence.

Choreographers and directors of dance companies or dance schools are invited
to participate in two additional encounters included in this event:
- ??Tools that enhance a dancer’s capacity to adapt?: pedagogy and
medicine? (December 13 and 14). This encounter is organized in
collaboration with the Dance Medecin Research Association directed by Peter
Lewton. It is sponsored by Harlequin.
- ??Forming dancers for the demands of contemporary choreographers??
(December 15)

Dance classes for the public…

Besides watching a performance, the best way to encounter and understand a
dancer’s art is to get involved and take a class. Artists like to share 
transmit and that is what they will be doing in the classes in contemporary
African, Indian, or Hip Hop dance that will be held during the week of the
Monaco Dance Forum. Dancers from the Franck ll Louise Company, France/Hip
Hop), or choreographers such as Najib Guerfi (France/Hip Hop), Seydou Boro
(Burkina Faso/contemporary African dance) and Jay Palazhy (India/
contemporary Indian dance).

A partnership with the Soci?t? des Bains de Mer

The prestigious Soci?t? des Bains de Mer, a firm inscribed in the collective
memory of the Principality and in the history of ballet, has chosen, this
year, to become associated with the artistic project of the Monaco Dance
Forum. Hosts to the Ballets Russes at the beginning of the 20th Century, the
Soci?t? des Bains de Mer has been continuing the century old tradition that
began with the coming of Serge Diaghilev and his artists to Monte-Carlo, the
taste for challenge risk and innovation. Faithful partners of the Ballets de
Monte-Carlo, the SBM has taken the initiative this year to open its
emblematic sites to the artists invited to the Monaco Dance Forum. Dancers
from all horizons will descend upon Monte-Carlo, adapting their work and
their choreographic propositions to the Salons of the H?tel de Paris or
those of the Hermitage Hotel. From Nolwenn Daniel, Prima Ballerina at the
Paris Opera to Minna Tervamaki of Finland’s National Ballet, from the
studied elegance of Ahmed Khemis to the fluid studies of Louise Le cavalier
from Quebec, from the musical improvisations of Micha?l Schumacher and
Alexis Wasserman to the strange ambulations of Jean Gaudin playing an
stranger than fiction character, dance finds its improbable, playful or
luxurious expression in Monte-Carlo?. As for digital art, the Festival’s
emblem, it finds the place of honor in the walls of the majestic Sporting
d’Hiver, which becomes, for the space of nine days, the very heart of the
Fluxs ou les d?ambulation de Rico by Jean Gaudin (Territoires SBM), Solo by
Nolwenn Daniel (Hotel Hermitage), Solo by Mina Tervamaki (Hotel Hermitage),
Echapp?e by Ahmed Kh?mis (Hotel de Paris), Dans le Jardin by Micha?l
Schumacher and Alexis Wasserman (Atrium du Casino), D’Anna-Chronique ?
Pavlova moi by Anna Ventura (Op?ra de Monte-Carlo) , Cobalt Rouge by Louise
Le Cavalier (Op?ra de Monte-Carlo).

Dominique Passet
Managing Director, Monaco Dance Forum

Monaco Dance Forum is financed by the Prince’s Government and supported 
the Princess Grace Foundation

Its organization is made possible thanks to the precious help of the Soci?t?
des Bains de Mer .Harlequin, and Chanel, partners of the 2006 edition.

Monaco Dance Forum extends thanks to: the Office of Cultural Affairs, the
Ballets de Monte Carlo, the Th??tre des Vari?t?s, the National Theater of
Nice, the Office of Tourism and Congresses, the Monaco Press Center, the
University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, the Pavillon Bosio, the Ecole
Sup?rieure des Beaux Arts de Monaco, The Association for Medecine and Dance
Research, Arizona State University, The Soci?t? des Auteurs et Compositeurs
Dramatiques (SACD)?, the Soci?t? de Gestion des Droits d’Auteurs de 
(SOGEDA), UNESCO, the Aix-en-Provence Choreographic Center.

R?servations as of 25 September 2006
Available at

Grimaldi Forum
10, avenue Princesse Grace
MC 98001 Monaco Cedex
Tel?: +377 99 99 20 00
Cash Fax?: +377 99 99 20 01
Point : +377 99 99 30 00

FNAC stores

Carrefour and G?ant stores


Monaco Dance Forum
4, rue des Iris
MC 98000 Monaco
Tel?: +377 97 70 65 20
website?: www.monacodanceforum.com


Press?: Fran?oise Guiran
tel?: +377 97 70 65 20
fguiran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:fguiran%40monacodanceforum.com>

French Press?: Opus 64
Val?rie Samuel ? Patricia Gangloff ? Arnaud Pain
Tel?: 01 40 26 77 94
p.gangloff@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:p.gangloff%40opus64.com>

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