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greetings folks - 

if this bothers you please delete it - I think it is a good idea - 

NYC based Misnomer Dance Theater has entered a competition for $10K to be used 
to help create on-line tools for dance companies

more information follows

you can go and vote here:

Jamie Jewett

Idea Description
                        Help us
create exciting ways to meaningfully engage with the performing arts
online, support artists and fund their work! As a choreographer with a
technology background, I’m developing free downloadable tools to help
performing artists attract online audiences by offering interactive web
features that are educational and entertaining. This builds a dedicated
online audience who support the artist through theater attendance,
volunteering and donations. These tools also generate new modes of
support, including revenue through web traffic, sponsorship, and
increased performance opportunities. Audiences are enthusiastic about
our initial efforts which were featured in Business Week Magazine!


                        What will you do if you win $10,000 for this idea?
                        Build and distribute three of many new online tools to 
enable artists to better support their work:

1) Implement web-streaming capabilities from rehearsals with
integrated instant messaging, allowing audiences to "attend" live
rehearsals online and text the performers questions.

2) Create an online theater where visitors can watch and direct
performances from multiple perspectives, including backstage views and
the performers' point of view via body-mounted cameras.

3) Develop a tool to request and tabulate the geographic location
of artist's online audiences so that theaters in new cities can be
approached with ready-made audience bases.

Learn more at www.misnomer.org/ideablob.html


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                        Please Help Us Win $10K for the Arts!









                                Dear friends,
Thanks to all of you who voted in early December to help us make it to the 
Ideablob final round! We are currently leading in the finals and need your vote 
by December 31st to win $10K for the arts. (**Even if you voted the first week 
of December we need your re-vote for the finals round.)

Please take two minutes to vote for us on Ideablob and help us win $10,000 to 
build free online tools that will benefit the entire dance community. Follow 
the link above to read about our idea and cast your vote!

is easy to sign in and vote and will make a real difference. (We are
very close!)  If you would like for us to make it even quicker for you,
you can reply to this email with your first and last name in the body of the 
email. We will then register your name and email address with Ideablob and 
submit your vote for you. You will receive a confirmation email from the 
Ideablob website.

Thank you! With a team effort we can secure this new funding!

Best Wishes and Happy New Year,


                                Chris Elam

                                Misnomer Dance Theater

P.S. If you have a means to help spread the word to interested voters we'd be 


Forward email to someone who would enjoy knowing about us.

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