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  • From: Johannes Birringer <Johannes.Birringer@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "dance-tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <dance-tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015 22:33:02 +0000

dear Bud

amazing image that is on front page -

I really am moved by it and what you say about your wide-ranging interest in
connecting humans an plants, and ecological interaction!
I then watched the trailer for "Perfection" and am astonished by your
scenography (and how the kinetic sculpture or kite becomes a
parallelogram or odd shaped screenic space (for your graphics). the scenography
is breathtaking, the dancing is not so much 'connected"
to what you seem to be doing with the visual architecture (but that is my own
prejudice against modern dance of course, forgive me)
the volumetric camera? from where do we watch/engage the spectacle (proscenium
stage?), where do you see your audience? Where is the
ecological angle?

warm regards

[Bud schreibt]

Last work that I made that tried to include everything in the universe
including the kitchen sink as well as live photons. -
clip/trailer on bottom of page

next project in preparation is “Leaves of Grass” concerning plant ecology,
interaction, love, society -

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